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Ravi Chandran

Developing the art of dying.

साधिभूताधिदैवं मां साधियज्ञं च ये विदु: |
प्रयाणकालेऽपि च मां ते विदुर्युक्तचेतस:

sādhibhūtādhidaivaḿ māḿ
sādhiyajñaḿ ca ye viduḥ
prayāṇa-kāle ’pi ca māḿ
te vidur yukta-cetasaḥ

In this VERSE, Lord Krishna speaks about attainment of divinity at the time of death. Krishna says that a person who is immersed in consciousness towards HIM would consider HIM as the supreme GOD would lead his life evolving in the lap of modes of nature becoming fully aware that Lord Krishna is the sole Authority who governs the cosmos and administers the modalities surrounding all demigods and modes of sacrifice.

Leading the entire life possessing the divine knowledge of GOD, a person gets endowed with the ability to be with the GOD even at the time of his death. Death is the ultimate truth of life and Lord Krishna has given the human kind the way to seek and embrace a consecrated death; a death that becomes more valuable than a life.

Three terminologies have been raised in the VERSE. First Adhiboot (primary nature), Adhidaiva (narayana,Krishna ) and third being Adhiyagya (parmarth, Kartavya ) means righteous intent and deeds. Lord Krishna affirms that one who leads life completely understanding the three divine characters, such a person can piously dictate the nature of his/her death and learn the art of dying.

Being in the exclusive knowledge of art of death, when death would be at the threshold i.e. the state of moribund, the learned would cherish that last minute as he/she would be aware of attainment of salvation after the demise. Therefore, even death becomes nectar to be consumed when an individual carries the highest spiritual knowledge.


  • Gurender Singh
    Pehle hum ache se jina toh sikh le phir we can reflect on art of death as told by lord haha.

    Idar people see fun in bad and boredom in good then they complain about life being full of sufferings.