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Ravi Chandran

True Personality (Stitpragya)

Nowadays, we find classes of personality development being imparted almost in every market. Although a very essential subject yet as the spiritual sphere is absent in the subject module, the classes remain an ostentatious presentation to build a supreme personality who can be a paradigm of excellence in all respects. Models like Swami Vivekananda, Sachin Tendulkar, Arjuna, E. Sreedharan, Roger Federer. These individuals rose as personalities worth emulation because of the spiritual instinct in them and vast knowledge of principles of Karma.

Personality does not mean outward body aesthetics. Actual personality is manifested when all faculties of body are developed in knowledge. A person is referred to as an erudite in the spiritual horizon when he/she is in the knowledge of self, knowledge of mind. Such a person then acts with the wisdom that the abstracts like bliss or grief, insult or extol, affluence or destitution are impermanent and per mutable like seasonal changes.

Such a wise being would never get rattled or discomposed. Rather, the person will have the fortitude to deal with the complexities that test a person of his true mettle. The person would not get demoralized at the times of adversity and would not burst into raptures at the receipt of good fortunes.

Lord Krishna said that when a person’s mind is not distracted towards materialistic desires or sensual arousal and is discreet of mind’s capriciousness to crave for almost everything, he/she then attains the quality of being a Stitpragya. Hence, the person through devotional and meditation techniques obliterates all impurities of mind and trains the mind to be unequivocal, decisive, prudent and discerns himself as servant of GOD.

The person then becomes a personality that is dear to one and all. Such a person dedicates his life for the welfare of people.