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Swami Samarpanananda

How to know the infinite - YouTube


Religion is not conjecture nor it is product of mind. This talk by Swami Samarpanananda explains how one knows the infinite in the depths of meditation. The ...


  • Gurender Singh
    Very True Swami ji,
    Infinite of 'spirituality' and of science usually get mixed up for majority.

    When we say infinite, we don't meant it as infinite as sky but that which transcends 'discriminating' or 'logic' faculty of mind, now these sentences also are greatly mis-understood by many.

    Yato vacho nirvanante aprape mansa sah says Tattraya upanishad, it simply means the place from where the mind and speech turns back(but which is source of them instead) is Brahman.

    This is truly the...  more