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Move from stuck to unstuck to unstoppable!

Control What Controls You

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At Ceekr, we’ve researched 5000 years of Yoga and Vedanta Psychology and blended it with modern AI to bring the Yogic secrets to you.

This knowledge will transform your life, family and organization.

Get an Attention Expert

Make your attention work for you, take a journey with a personal mentor. Meet certified mind and attention coaches.

Definitive Science of Excellence

Learn how to live life on your terms & solve your unique challenges: using the ancient wisdom packaged into a customized program for you.

Based on the Yoga and Vedanta Psychology

4 Fundamental Paths to Transform Your Life


from negative repetitive thinking patterns to systematic and constructive ones that drive success.


from reacting emotionally to responding with action that improve your situation and relationships.


through a systematic method creating a purpose-led actionable goal that lead to real and sustainable achievement.


from compulsive thoughts of the past & future to productive and fulfilling activities in the present to improve your focus and task completion rate

What Will Change in Your Life?

Stuck to Unstuck

Get Unstuck

Understand the various elements of the choice making mind and how they operate. Identify which parts of your mind and attention are creating stuck-ness in your life. Master the elements that are under your control and use them to move from stuck to unstuck.

Identify and Resolve Core Issues

Overpower Anxiety & Depression

Break Free from Stagnation

Conquer Procrastination

Overcome relationship & financial bottlenecks

Unstuck to Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable

Understand the super achiever mindsets and apply tools and techniques to become the master of your mind and attention. Learn definitive paths to Success & Leadership.

Emotional Mastery

Clarity and Singular Focus on Goals

Enhanced Productivity

Lifelong Skills for Any Crisis


About The Program


16 hr program








Group or 1-on-1

Choose Your Plan

  • Program
  • Learning Style
  • Personal Mentoring

Attention Coaching (Self Paced)

  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 2 sessions (2 hours)

Attention Coaching (Group Learning)

  • Group Interactive Learning
  • 8 sessions (4 hours)

Attention Coaching (Personalised)

  • Personalised Learning
  • 8 sessions (8 hours)

About The Sessions

Learning Session: Understand CAS (Cognitive Attention Score) and its impact on our mindset and life outcomes. Create Personalized Outcome Statements to be mastered across the program journey.

Mentoring Session: Debrief on CAS Report to understand challenges and reasons for current challenges. Drafting a Personal Outcome Statement by identifying what is most important for them at this point of time with the mentor’s guidance which helps them move from stuck to unstuck or unstuck to unstoppable in any area of life.

Learning Session: Understand the prime motivation of life with respect to CAS and how enhancing CAS leads to real independence. Delve into various stages of life and find out how your mindset is creating the life stage you are in. Connect your PO with your life stage to understand where is it coming from and where is it leading you in the journey of life.

Mentoring Session: Identify your current life stage and how it is connected to your Personal Outcome Statement and how it is contributing towards the stuckness or not letting you move beyond unstuckness.

Learning Session: Delve into the working of the Choice Making Mind and its various elements and apply the learnings to unveil how they are creating their life experiences and impacting their personal challenges and roadblocks.

Mentoring Session: Apply the understanding of each submind to identify which submind is playing the most dominant role towards our challenge area.

Learning Session: Learn to set goals which focus on capability building and guarantee long term, sustainable success and fulfillment without stress, anxiety or other negative emotional pressure. Revisit your PO to convert it from destination to process goal.

Mentoring Session: Uncover your most dominant desires and feelings leading to those desires. Create a sustainable method of achieving your most prominent desire by converting it into a process goal.

Learning Session: Deep dive further into understanding of the master controller of our mind – the emotion (ego) and cognition (observer). Discover the impact of 2 types of attention on your mindset and life outcomes.

Mentoring Session: Analyze your PO from the perspective of both types of attention. Create a pathway to fulfill your PO through cognitive (observer) attention.

Learning Session: Explore the ongoing interaction of internal and external world – the three types of human response arising out of the same and the result it creates for our lives.

Mentoring Session: Evaluate which type of response is dominating your PO and shift it to create a larger initiative.

Learning Session: Chart the vast landscape of thinking. Identify the thought patterns that hinder or help, and those that can elevate your leadership prowess.

Mentoring Session: Recognize the causes and formats of thinking and what should you stop thinking and what should you start thinking for the fulfillment of your PO.

Learning Session: Equip yourself with mind navigation tools. Learn to distinguish paths leading to long-term success or failure, and steer towards a Sustainable Cognitive Structure.

Mentoring Session: CAS Report debrief and final assessment of PO. Recognize the shift from where it started to where it has moved.

Here’s How We Help

Personalized Mentorship

Receive one-on-one guidance from experts, tailored to your specific needs.

Engaging Workshops

Participate in interactive sessions for deeper insight and practical application.

Supportive Community

Join a network of peers sharing their journey, challenges, and successes.

Focused Accountability

Benefit from a support system designed to help you stay on track towards your goals.

Free Access to AI Tools

Self-Measurement AI for Cognition & Attention

AI Based Diagnostic Tool for Measurable Outcomes

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Self-Measurement AI for Cognition & Attention

CAS Explained

AI Based Diagnostic Tool for Measurable Outcomes

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