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Sleeping Habits

The quantity and quality of your sleep - before, during and after.

1⇢Choose what best describes your sleep pattern on weekends or holidays.

2⇢Choose what best describes your sleeping and waking up schedule.

3⇢Choose what describes the best about how you feel when you wake up.

4⇢Choose what best describes the quality of your sleep.

5⇢How much time does it take for you to fall asleep?

6⇢What best describes the soundness of your sleep?

Eating Habits

The frequency of your meals and choice of your diet.

7⇢What best describes your eating habits?

8⇢What kind of food do you like to eat often?

9⇢What best describes your meal timings?

Exercise Habits

The frequency and intensity of your exertion.

10⇢What best describes your exercise habits?

11⇢What kind of exercise do you prefer to do?

Time Management

The manner you go about a typical workday.

12⇢What best describes your time management during an average working day?

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