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A program that helps you unlock your highest potential and achieve your goals.

Take the quick YogiMeter test to find valuable insights about your life.

  • It takes just five minutes!
  • Answer based on your patterns over the last two to three months
  • If you don’t find the exact answer for you, choose the closest one
  • Be mindful and answer on the basis of your current patterns: this will help make your report accurate

Start your transformative journey now

Sleeping Habits

1. Choose what best describes your sleep pattern on weekends or holidays.

2. Choose what best describes your sleeping and waking up schedule.

3. Choose what describes the best about how you feel when you wake up.

4. Choose what best describes the quality of your sleep.

5. How much time does it take for you to fall asleep?

6. What best describes the soundness of your sleep?

Eating Habits

7. What best describes your eating habits?

8. What kind of food do you like to eat often?

9. What best describes your meal timings?

Exercise Habits

10. What best describes your exercise habits?

11. What kind of exercise do you prefer to do?

Time Management

12. What best describes your time management during an average working day?