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To spread mind literacy around the world.




1 Billion


5,000 Years

of Yoga and Vedanta Psychology
Leveraging AI for Diagnosis from

1.2 Billion

Choice Combinations


Circadian Patterns
Categorizing into



19 Emotional

and Attention Fluctuations
Classifying into

5 CAS Zones

Ceekr is a Research & Technology company operating in the attention, emotion and cognition space.

Its products and services affect the following industries

Health & Fitness

Mind & Psychology

Longevity & Human Performance


Self Improvement


Competitive Performance

Cognitive Development & Coaching

Our Purpose

To spread mind literacy across the globe; to help people improve their lives.

Our Vision

  • We envision a world where knowing yourself and your mind is considered primacy literacy, a fundamental human duty.
  • Where mental clarity is not a privilege but a right.
  • Where understanding self is the foundation to understanding others and the world.
  • Where the purpose of personal transformation equals global change.
  • Where the culture is based on curiosity, excellence and service.
  • Where anxiety, depression, war, terrorism, cruel poverty, social injustice, suicide etc. are the things of past.
  • Where 100% selfish = 100% selfless.

Our Mission

We aim to unlock the vast potential of the human mind, enabling everyone to control what truly controls them—their attention, thoughts, breath, and ultimately, their mind.


Dr Kaushal Kumar

  • PhD, Double MA and Scholar of Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism and Indian Philosophies
  • Renowned Yoga Guru & Author
  • Over 3 decades of experience in teaching Philosophy, Yogic Sciences and practices.

Shivani Modi

  • Impact entrepreneur & social worker focused on promotion and development of rural artisans.
  • Former teacher at Integral Education School "Mirambika"
  • Meditator and volunteer with Isha Foundation
  • Special interest in the area of human consciousness and Yogic Wisdom

Ankur Jain

  • Public Health Graduate from Johns Hopkins University
  • Technology entrepreneur: 25 years of experience in Satellite Communication and Internet projects.
  • Student of Behavior Sciences, Vedanta thesis and Yogic Wisdom

Meet our Mentors