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Andy Barnes

Andy Barnes

  • Andy Barnes

    Has anyone else read The Master Key System? Do you recogn...

    A wish to take an objective look at this original work on the subject of manifestation.
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    Andy Barnes

    Sakka-pañha Sutta: Sakka's Questions

    A wonderful look at the importance of distinguishing akusala and kusala desires and thinking but also, surprisingly, in equanimity.
    How can equanimity give rise to the unwholesome? I suggest this could be when we seek equanimity and in that quest, instead, we develop detachment.....

    "'Equanimity is of two sorts, I tell you: to be pursued & not to be pursued.' Thus was it said. And in reference to what was it said? When one knows of a feeling of equanimity, 'As I pursue this equanimity,...  more