Pooja Ahuja

QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Meditation?


Meditation Basics

Meditation is known to all as a way to calm down and appear more peaceful around people. You have many ways to meditate today, like doing a few yoga poses, applying a few breathing techniques, and of course reciting positive phrases or mantras. Given that meditation techniques are widespread all over the world, do you think you can complete this quiz successfully? If yes, take this small quiz and find out...


  • Manijeh Motaghy
    There are literally hundreds of different types of meditation depending on different cultures, religions, backgrounds, thoughts, philosophies and each one has its own structure, end goal and outcome. There is no one "right" way. I, myself, practice Mindful Awareness meditation. To me that works best. But there are so many others that people use and believe that it works for them.
  • Kishan Vaish
    meditation is not concerned with recitation. Meditation is the thing where you become silent, you remain silent, existence speaks and you listen.