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Control what controls you

  • Control Attention
  • Control Mind
  • Control Breath
  • Control Thoughts

At Ceekr, we’ve researched 5000 years of Yoga and Vedanta Psychology and blended it with modern AI to unlock the secrets of mind and attention.

We're bringing this transformative knowledge directly to you.

5-minute FREE CAS Test

Discover Your Current State of Control

Just as a blood report reveals the state of your body, the YogiMeter reveals the intricacies of your mind. It is a revolutionary assessment tool that analyses your bio- rhythms and helps you understand your life.

How to Control What Controls You?


Path 1

Attention Management System

Bespoke daily mind detox.

Path 2

Attention Coaching

Move from stuck to unstuck to unstoppable.

Path 3

Mind Mastery Mentor Program

Become a mind and attention expert.

Mind Mastery Movement

Become part of a global community committed to spreading Mind Literacy and transforming the way we understand and utilize our minds for personal and collective growth.

Stories of Impact

Meet our Mentors