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Gurender Singh

Gurender Singh

    • Kaal Bhairav Shiva.

      In Period of Kali Yuga, When even methods of Tantra are rendered ineffective,

      A true seeker should worship Shiva's Kaal Bhairav form instead of his Shambhu form, for it reminds of the consequences of Hell, Chaos & Destruction that a individual securing for himself or herself selfishly.

      One should always mediate on him as destroyer of time, of God of Destruction, Ruler of Hell & as well as of Heaven, the one who bestows results, who is ferocious, who is full of anger and power, who is Ruler...  more
    • Meditation on Vehicle.

      This is helpful for seeker, who has read about supreme goal of upnishads & then who owns any type of vehicle;

      The outer Body of Vehicle, which is made up of metal, is body of human being;
      The Gates of vehicle are the Gates of human being that are called senses;
      Through these very gates enters People in vehicle & then sound, touch, taste, colours, smell in human being.

      The steering wheel is the controller of vehicle;
      This Steering wheel is the mind that is in human being, the way it...  more
    • Difference between Spiritual Fool and Normal Wise person.

      Spiritual Fool gives up good actions after hearing of Law of karma having a view of "justification of everything" which is but mental laziness,
      Normal Wise person having heard of Law of karma, works upon self to improve his or her given actions so to secure certain mental abilities which are helpful for further seeking,

      Spiritual Fools are fearful in actions & brave in speech,
      Normal Wise person are brave in actions & simple in speech,

      Spiritual Fools work for temporal gains having...  more
    • Invalid knowledge.

      Those who say,
      every 'view' is acceptable are not the ones, who may teach anything useful;
      for, if correct way will not be segregated from wrong, how then aspirants of highest good will achieve highest?

      The unable person may say so to hide his or her inability but able men, wise ones, having their intellect pin focused on truth, have not kept silence.

      "Everything is justifiable" is saying of foolish,
      Moreover, they take support of "law of karma" for the same, it is due to this fact...  more
    • Plain Rejection of Nihilist View (Bhuddism)

      Everything is Illusion and temporary, including Body, Mind, Universe and then as well as Self, hence the nihilism, the void is reality is not acceptable as per facts since it leads to;
      "From non-existence springs up existence", which is but illogical.

      then; if the nihilist view is,
      Everything is illusion and temporary, including Body, Mind, Universe and all dualities because it is one consciousness pervading in & out, therefore duality really speaking is mere appearance having only 'names'...  more
    • Path

      Water in and out of wave is not really speaking a change it is but water so goes with consciousness, which is not mind which departs on death, remains unchanging In and out of everything, all of the worlds and beyond.

      Those who confuse mind with consciousness, they only see bodies and senses to be real.

      Those ones who give up even seening after realizing the glory of Lord, blessed are they, for them their own indentity is unreal,

      Then, oh what harm shall this one should do and to whom?...  more
    • Direct Knowledge is crystal........

      Direct Knowledge is crystal clear perception of who am i by knowing what you are not, then Enlightenment is transcendence of everything owning to that very direct instruction or knowledge.

      You are not body, not mind, not memory, not thought, not impressions of mind, not anything physical or gross or subtle, you are not anything which falls under act of "perception" or "witnessing".

      You are that, which remains after rejecting what is objective,
      You are that, which has no identity, just a...  more
    • Samadhi

      Only Rarest of intellects, having seen its own source, gives up even learning and meditation, for truth is self-evident and ever present, therefore liberation is secured by knowing one's own true nature, which is not body, mind, 5 senses or anything which falls under perception, therefore, liberation is secured.

      Liberation or Moksha or Kaivalya, Nirvana or Satori, is freedom from everything, even from slightest of modifications of mind, what to speak of death then?

      Such one neither dies nor...  more
    • Non Dual

      Thought is produced out of memory, which is past experience gained via 5 senses,
      if past experience be of full of poison of ignorance then indeed one had seen duality and will continue experiencing the same.

      Duality bestows fear and anxiety, fear of losing & then anxiety of gaining, wise ones gives up both for they desire nothing but that which is permanent & truth.

      When past experience is recalled via mind, it projects the same experience infront via 5 senses taking help of thought,...  more
    • Defination of life.

      Life is unexplainable,
      So Maya is,

      Whatever one may resolve, so is shown by mirror of conciousness,

      Maya even makes one believes that the conciousness is changing despite creating waves in ocean or house made up of space in space.

      There is no explanation of Maya,
      For it is, neither existence or non existence,
      Neither composite nor non composite.

      It is ignorance, removal possible only through knowledge.

      After removal one sees one's own freedom in one's own self by seening house of...  more
    • Experience

      Emotions are devoid of meaning, for they cannot be explained rationaly but felt directly,

      That which can be reasoned, are subjects resting on rationality they are explainable,

      They both exists in equal quantity in a individual,

      Now, whether it be rationality or emotion,
      They both are but experiences.

      Hence life is whole experience in itself.

      No amount of reasoning can explain emtions and no amount of emotions can defeat reasoning.

      The experience such rests on...  more
    • Deformations

      *Yoga is never meant for physical wellness neither metaphysical but a path to Realize supreme truth.

      *Shakti is not a symbol for women empowerment, it is but maya herself, which is power of Brahman directly, when meditated and studied upon, it bestows sense of equality for everything as maya is source of all, then from lifeless stone to Brahma himself all appear as nothing apart from Brahman, which is unchanging and supreme truth, hence the non-duality, yes welcome to the real empowerment one...  more