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Gurender Singh

Gurender Singh

  • Maya

    Who can explain me life other then their perspective of it?

    Yes perspectives are contradictory & They are Ever-changing.

    Nothing is absolute, Hence A Paradoxical, Veil of Maya.
  • Freedom

    There are two types of Freedom:-

    Freedom to fulfill desires,
    Freedom from the desires.

    When prior is done enough,
    Craving for later arises.
  • Essence of path of Will

    On realization of nature of this world,

    Arjun chooses humility & Kindness instead of Pride & Ego.
    Indeed Anxiety is replaced by Mercy.

    The nature of this world hidden yet in front of eyes due to force of impressions of mind(Incorrect ideas regarding world gained by past experience) ,
    One is not able to see the self-evident truth, One is attached to things identifying "happiness" as well as "Sadness" with it, hence then one is thrown up and down.

    They all are ruled by the mind, No one...  more
  • Two ways

    There are two ways to lead life as appears in world,

    One is driven by impressions of mind the other Drives mind instead of being Driven.

    The first tastes just a bit of life,
    The second tastes whole of life.

    The first gets only partial essence of life,
    The second gets to know whole of essence.

    To first comes hardening of ignorance,
    To the second comes knowledge.

    The First walks on path of life having chain in his/her neck,
    The other walks on path of life like a Charioteer,...  more
  • Nature of Ignorance.

    With Infinite possibilities available just a contemplation away; using Mind; having a Thing like mind; which is source of everything and of wisdom, Human being Still feels Discontent.

    Some sharp the Sword and practice their way ahead like Samurais did, Some let it rust and some don't even realize what they miss upon.

    All the praises to this Being, Who lives in innermost depths of everything and beyond;
    No law binds that; no Law Transcends that; No law can exists Independent of that.
  • Formless Containing All

    You are beyond thought, yet they contemplate on you by their minds,
    You are beyond Discrimination, yet they Try to discriminate you,
    You are beyond Laws, yet they try to make up their own laws,
    You are support of righteousness being one, yet they try to act licentious,

    You are current in wires, yet they only see wires,
    You are the Sand, yet they only see Pot of Sand,
    You are Water, yet they point to only the wave?
    You are the rope, yet they see it as snake in dark?
    You are the...  more
  • God's Work.

    Whatever be the desire,
    The desire for objects,
    The desire for Intimacy,
    The desire for Wealth,
    The Desire for Fame,
    The Desire for Preaching and the like,

    Whatever be the desire, infact the desire itself by nature keeps a person unfulfilled,

    A Desire never fulfills no one, it has it's starting from incompleteness, it exists in incompleteness, it ends in incompleteness too.

    By the way, who said you are incomplete ? So you suffer this much? Think on it being strong and firm in...  more
  • How?

    Tell me how?

    One will taste Bliss of Brahman on his or her own tongue, till one won't be able to Walk on path of Raj Yog, controlling Desires, emotions and the like not-needed for growth, which in turns, Give rise to Gyaan Yog, Revealing Knowledge of Absolute, Which is not accessible till one won't walk on right path, Which will in turn Gives off Bhakti Yog, Which is Dwelling inside of Knowledge.

    Tell me how?
    Who is devoid of Raj, Gyaan and Bhakti can do Karma yog? which says to do actions...  more
  • Just this much, is required with firm intelligence and will.

    When Brihadaranyaka Upnishad says,

    "In Dream, This being that is in body, goes to spheres of experiences has per his or her own experiences and desires gained in waking state, Everything that is witnessed is object to this being, hence whatever is object is different and super-imposed(imaginative).

    Now, In Waking too Same happens, This being goes ahead to do various actions via senses, having desires, experiences various results, whatever here is witnessed is also, object to this being,...  more
  • Quran once said,

    أَلَا يَظُنُّ أُوْلَئِكَ أَنَّهُم مَّبْعُوثُونَ * لِيَوْمٍ عَظِيمٍ * يَوْمَ يَقُومُ النَّاسُ لِرَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ‏
    Don't These(People, who are ignorant) think that they shall be raised again, for a mighty day, the day on which men shall stand before the Lord of the worlds?

    On the judgement day, when it is time to leave this body and then one shall be carried by fruits/results of one's on work...  more
  • Realize; They said.

    The Liberation lies in realizing your Hidden beauty of essence Truth, There is no need to go here and there or do this and that for gaining something permanent via temporary actions based on temporary objects, this is the gist,

    Everything is at it's place just right now, the inability to realize the truth in it's essence is Ignorance, the dark soot, which makes one suffer.

    One who is in harmony with the primordial truth is in harmony with self then is in harmony with nature,
    One who is...  more
  • Waḥdat al-Wujūd

    Meditation with pure heart on truth gives great many benefits,
    it destroys confusion, manifests clarity in actions and in thought,
    it destroys suffering in mental space, manifests bliss and calmness,
    it destroys anxiety, manifests contentment,
    it destroys ignorance, manifests knowledge.

    The mind of Teachers, who was engrossed in Tawhid of Allah, didn't saw bad days, they were saved during day of judgement the death, they left bodies in peace to be one with the essence.

    They while...  more