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Gurender Singh

Gurender Singh

  • Ability to construct objects in the space goes away.

    When not even a ripple of Mind is there,
    When there remains not memories,
    Where there is silence beyond silence gained by efforts,
    When Total eradication of "I" Happens,

    When the questions "What" "How" and "Who" stand futile and vanishes away,

    Then there remains a space, Just a Space, Still and calm in its own might,
    Which is Beyond Triads of Experiencer, Experience and Experienced,
    Which is Beyond pair of opposites,
    Which is self-born,
    Which is calm,
    Which is Bliss,
    Which...  more
  • Becomes Inimitable one..

    Realizing everything to be of temporary nature, a seeker realizes freedom,
    His or her actions moreover, never crosses the boundary of the "way" or "Dharam",
    For, after seeing non-duality, everything that is done, is done with under the same view,
    There remains but no way other then of non-duality, which is self revealed.

    Duality is cause of miseries and worries, not the non-duality and Truth which are nature of Brahman.
  • Fire of the Third Eye.

    His Fire, of the third eye, burns down all the difficulties on the path of the seeker,
    His Fire, of the third eye, burns down all the deceitfulness of the wrong doers,
    His Fire, of the third eye, burns down and lead astray those who tried to over-smart him,
    His Fire, of the third eye, burns down all the sufferings of the devotee,
    His Fire, of the third eye, burns down all the sins of the biggest sinner when he or she admits to him,
    His Fire, of the third eye, burns down all the riches...  more
  • Homosexuality? Freedom of expression of love?

    Any thought, that modifies sex for what it does not stands for is unfavorable.

    The thought;
    "I am seeking sex for pleasure is equally unfavorable as i seek sex with only girls or with only men or both of them, they are equally wrong as this - I seek sex only for offspring rejecting pleasure".

    It does not take much of time and mental power to see, what sex originally stands for, which is established by nature,

    It is Very private intimacy, very private moment, full of love and pleasure, in...  more
  • What is Bondage?

    Anything super-imposed on a human, whether it be a desire for intimacy, gambling, wealth, attention, fame or of responsibility etc are bondage, this very bondage is enemy of freedom or nature of one's own being.

    Life is a flow of nature devoid of super-impositions so must be the ways of a human, it does not takes much of mental power to see the things as they are, as they stand for, this is 'just' way or the 'way'.
  • Disclosure ..

    Man: Oh my master, I do have a strong urge to involve myself into gambling and prostitution, for, I see them as full of pleasure and joy but When i do, They are never fulfilling? Why?

    Master: My dear, You should then indeed reflect, What is limiting factor here for your "freedom of being" and How?

    Man: Oh my master, I do have a strong urge to involve myself into Riches by any means, I want wholesome of wealth but when i got all of them by very much large number of works, they are not...  more
  • Child, Source of infinite Possibilities.

    No Student is Good or Average or Bad,
    The education system, which values a child based on how well he or she writes down on paper memorising things/subjects out of which majority are not required in future is futile and useless.

    Each child is special, Each student is Good and above average, it is just that certain talent of human should be recognised and put into use, when such thing is done, there is no work-stress anymore but never ceasing joy in work done.

    it is clear without a doubt,...  more
  • What is the use of clinging to Falsehood?

    The idea with which world is living i.e "To be successful in life" is as futile and useless as the fear of "Failure" from which they run,

    This life, This existence as individual or collective, is nothing more then a Mirror of that hidden Source, which manifested all, who is called as Brahman by wise.

    Knowing Brahman, They Dance with existence for existence dances with lord, The lord that has for it's place the Hidden cave beyond mind in case of yogi, where he or she realizes the essence of...  more
  • One's own Qualities is Varna.

    Indeed, The Varna is decided not by the birth but by qualities of one's own self as confirmed by wise ones,

    A person's habits, inner qualities, inner and outer cleanliness, way of handling situations, thinking, perception towards life and others does decides it.

    A person, who is dirty from inside, remains dirty from outside, not willing to work for better life, he or she is then for sure from a Shudra Varna,
    A person, who keeps his or her place dirty and messed up, not caring about outer...  more
  • More then enough unto itself?

    The life unto itself is enough, one can even learn by seeing a plant grow, it knows not past, it knows not future but whatever it knows is present, whatever it does in present it does gracefully with full efforts.

    Everything does it whether it be air, space, fire, plants or animals, the only messed up place is mind of human, for ignorance and false beliefs created by themselves are cause of their own suffering without their own knowing at first place.

    Only humans i see in this universe are...  more
  • State of Awakening?

    They said,
    State of Awakening is No State but realising one's own self as source of all states.

    it is just simple as this,
    moreover, it is self-evident, self-revealed why one is so restless?
  • Eradication of Duality

    During Act of Praying in Happiest Moment,
    One talks to self wishing for Continuous well-being from Self by Self in Self.

    During Act of Praying in Saddest Moment,
    One talks to self wishing for End of Suffering from Self by Self in Self.

    Why one cannot see this Self as Mirror in Which Everything Appears?
    This Self creates all, All Exists in this Self,

    This Self one prays to is Self that is in Tree, Roads, Air, Space, Blankness, Unconscious State, In Other Being or Animal, This Self is...  more