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Gurender Singh

Gurender Singh

    • Nature of Life?

      Despite knowing very well that, in this world,
      Who so ever is born will die, people mourns one's death as if they lose something which was not meant to be lost.

      Despite knowing very well that, in this world,
      Nothing is done for another's sake but for one's own, Even love of mother, is done by mother for her own sake, because that makes her happy, Still people expect happiness from eachother ignoring the very source of happiness, which starts from 'I' not 'you' & moreover then they talk...  more
    • Karma?

      No work is good or bad unless context is added with it,
      No work is work unless a context is added to it,

      The context is Bhaav for the given action,
      Hence, it is right when krishna says,

      "Arjun, Nothing in this Bhu-lok(waking world) is good or bad;
      But everything is resultant of done actions;
      With whatever Bhaav one does, that shall come to him or her;
      And Then know me as creator of this law, I give results of actions done."

      "That which is not called directly by seers, for it...  more
    • Nature of Illusion?

      A Appearance that is said to be beginningless having for it's origin series of cause and effects viz impressions and actions; Once the ray of knowledge is projected, all the coverings, which appeared real or for which there were doubts such as is it real or not? Vanishes once and for all in one Truth.

      That which is Full as well as empty is Truth, is Brahman,
      But truly it is Neither Full nor empty.

      Because, fullness and emptiness does not exists apart from brahman, they have for their...  more
    • Mutilated Knowledge?

      Majority of West sees Yoga as new Hippy fashion, which is being recycled in India as well,
      Seekers, who are concentrated in mind and are familiar with ways of knowledge knows this,

      Tell me, how many of them understands, when Patanjali says,

      प्रवृत्तिभेदे प्रयोजकं चित्तमेकमनेकेषाम् ?
      "While the forms may manifest in various ways, the mutable essence (chitta) is the underlying principle of these many forms"

      This...  more
    • Preparation of Net.

      At Beginning during creation,
      This one, having rest in itself, thought, let me create a law, that shall govern my own creation,

      Having thought just this much, This one, created a Law;
      "Whatever one does, such results shall come to one"

      Therefore, to this day,
      it is said by learned ones not by mere reading but by knowledge that,
      "it is Brahman, that is high and small, empty and non-empty, all the pair of opposites", for, it is the one creator who created.

      Knowing Law Declared...  more
    • Irrelevant?

      For a Seeker, The Question Who Am i is Driving force towards the path which encompasses all,

      But for a knower,
      The Question "Who am i" stands Irrelevant, For, Space encompasses whole universe, Then what to speak of that which encompasses space.

      They call it high, Then the Truth, Which is Brahman is Highest of High which is Maya.

      That which is Neither Truly Existent or Nor Truly Non-Existent is Maya,
      That by losing which nothing actually is lost and that by gaining which nothing...  more
    • Change of Time?

      With Change of Time,
      4 Varnas as such has been destroyed, from the independence of India,
      There are only to be seen 2 Varnas now,

      Knowers and Ignorants,
      Ignorants can fall under any caste or creed such as of Brahmin too.
      Knowers can also, fall under any caste or creed such as of Dalit too.

      There is discrimination left on the basis of "Sensitivity towards life" with its "Knowledge".

      Brahmin, Kashtriya, Vaishya or Shudra or outsiders, these are mere names in today's world,...  more
    • Nothing There, Nothing Here.

      Those who say,
      "There is nothing at peaks of Mountains of himalayas" are speaking truth,
      But they lie, when they say, "There is something to gained instead in cities".

      Those who say,
      "There is nothing to be gained in cities" are speaking truth,
      But they lie, when they say, "There is something to be gained at peaks of mountains of himalayas"

      There is Certainly nothing There, Nothing Here Don't bother to disappoint yourself by having false expectations, accept the truth, one dies,...  more
    • Fearlessness.

      Maya is that by gaining which nothing is actually gained,
      and then by losing which nothing is actually lost, Surely appears to be as an effect of ignorance.
    • No Experience, No state, No Quality But Not Void or Nothi...

      The subjects which have meaning are really speaking meaningless,
      The subjects which are meaningless are really speaking meaningful,

      Hence even the Question of What is Real or Unreal is Futile, This is Maya.

      The Very quality of Self-Contradiction is Nature/effect of Maya,
      Due to this only, Existence or Non-Existence of Maya cannot be found or proposed.

      The futility of question and Absurdness of logic,
      Shows only the self-evident Truth.

      Which is Not Void but is No State
      Not...  more
    • Avidya/Maya to MayaShakti?

      When Ignorance of Ignorant Vanishes by seeing Lord,
      Avidya which is Maya which is bondage indeed gets converted into Maya-Shakti which is Power/Strength,

      Owing to which, Wise ones of Past, Traveled Worlds, They willed as it were, Beyond this Universe, Revealing Secrets about nature of Power of Lord.
    • Mindfulness?

      Truly Speaking,
      Sensitivity towards one's own self and with others,
      Then Always desiring Self-improvement with careful concentration is Mindfulness.

      To such harden yogi,
      when self-evident nature of Brahman is shown or shines forth itself by force of knowledge gained by previous karma, He / she indeed transcends mind,

      Therefore they said,
      "No-mind" because, Non-duality is absence of conflicts, absence of conflicts is only possible, when mind merges.