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Gurender Singh

Gurender Singh

    • Method of direct experience.

      Who am I?
      Ignorant will say body,
      Philosopher will say mind,
      Enlightened will say you are none of above two, means?

      You are pure consciousness by nature,
      But due to influence of Maya viz avidya,
      You fail to see your own real nature as one indentitless light how?

      What is that which speaks? Tongue
      What is that which lifts? Hand
      What is that which moves? Feet
      What is that which hears? Ears
      What is that which smells? Nose
      What is that which is merger of all senses ?...  more
    • Wealth and the wealthy.

      The highest wealth one can achieve is not money or land but peace of mind,

      Indeed, a peaceful mind can manage well the money and land for benefits of all, since being devoid of selfishness.

      It is seen to be sure that peace of mind rests on truth whether it be universal viz Brahman or from relative standpoint.

      On truth rests honesty on honesty loyality on loyality trust on trust selflessness.

      Brahman itself is source of peace and all favourable qualities that shines forth, indeed...  more
    • Unrestfulness

      She, who is my beloved, is of nature of light in the eyes,
      She is listener that resides in the ears,

      She is the owner of vital forces that have their places in nose and mouth, she is just perfect in managing the whole family,

      She is fire that rests in tongue, which shines in form of words,

      She is place of merger of 5 gates of form the mind,
      She is the discriminative intellect,

      She is the witness, primordial witness,
      She knows no beginning neither do she knows the end, she is...  more
    • The wait of long lasting love.

      I am in love with her, Finally,
      She found me,

      I was wondering, thrown here and there,
      Like wind throws leaf here and there,

      She found me, in her lap my head landed,
      Her beautiful hands, finally did touched my face,

      Oh the most beautiful, where were you?
      You knew my condition? Why you make me wait so much? If you are adobement of true love, then why make a thirsty person, who has never ending thirst for love wait so long?

      Oh of nature of truth you are, pleasent to ears is your...  more
    • Thirst

      Oh my quenching thirst has been put to rest, when I am ensured that I will meet her,

      I will meet her who is adobement of intelligence,
      Who is adobement of wisdom,
      Who is all parveding,
      Who is most beautiful,
      Who is true love,
      Who is free from qualities such as anger, jealousy, purely calm she is, she is highest of high, my loved one, in her I shall merge, I am ensured.

      She is teacher who taught patience,
      She is fearless who taught truth,
      She is full of delight she taught me...  more
    • Essence of true path.

      If reality is one, paths are many as ignorant people say, are paths themselves not unreal?
      Such is Essence of true path.

      If this universe with countless names and forms continuously changes and is temporary, does the one aware about the changes do also?
      Such is the essence of true path.

      If the seen are multiple, does the seer as well?
      Such is the essence of true path.

      If the thoughts changes, does the light of awareness too?
      Such is the essence of true path.

      The light of awareness which...  more
    • Suffering.

      There are not multiple ways to reality.

      There is but one way, which has 4 faces, whose pre requisite is purity of mind, who's base is calmness, honestly, straight forwardness.

      What there multiples are past Karmas stored by one's own self owing to past impressions of mind, experiencing which a individual is thrown here and there like wind throws a leave; by mind.

      After suffering countless things, one finally comes down to the true path of 4 faces, hence the supreme peace.

      What there are...  more
    • The shining one.

      The one, who has, with his or her eyes turned inwards saw the eternally shining one, who does not have inside or outside in actual sense,

      Remains ever calm in conditions of being prasied,
      Remains ever calm in conditions of being abused,
      Adopts cleverness to secure the right,
      Is full of compassion and is ever welcoming,
      Rejects no one,
      Is abodement of peace, one who comes near to such indeed be at peace,
      Is selfless in motives,
      Is fearless,
      Is of clear mind,
      Is straight...  more
    • A small meet with him.

      I always had a question in my mind,
      That what is life about?

      Having this question, I went inside.

      The door of mind opens and I see him sitting in his full glory, unmoved holding a trident having three spokes of waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

      Having third eye of pure knowledge, sitting on lion skin being totally fearless by nature, extremely calm and subtle.

      Carefully with lot of immense respect bowing down to him in his feet I put forth my question.

      What is life about please tell...  more
      • simarjeet kaur
    • The highly potent free drug.

      During days of yore,

      A man said,
      When I went outside to find the bad, I find none, but when I went inside, I found nothing worst then my own mind, my own mind was my greatest enemy,

      Hence the battle started of self, of which the first outcome was extremely dangerous poison, then later the nectar, then being addicted to this very nectar of self peace he moved and moved inside, deeper and deeper, till everything merged into one.
    • The way.

      The wheel which is half white and half black revolves,

      Everyone according to their own doings are taught lessons, the one who accept the thing taught, they find peace, rest are forcefully taught by continuous tormenting,

      Who can question him?
      It is his way of handling things.
    • The most feared one.

      That the Brahman, which is truth,
      Which is source of everything,
      Which rules everything by Maya,
      To whom Maya serves, Is the eye that is situated in the heart of every being,Nothing goes un checked, for it is the eye seening all and everything without cease.Knowing this,
      ...  more