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BK Arun Kumar

BK Arun Kumar

  • Humility

    Humility puts a hand out to nothing extra, but simply takes what's there. Whether that be food or clothing or understanding. Sometimes there is a lot available and sometimes only a little. It doesn't matter.

    Even when you understand nothing, there is no worry, for in humility there is the trust that if a person feels themselves to be a child of God, everything will come anyway at the right time.
  • Self respect

    Comparing yourself with others will leave you vulnerable on three counts: you will either feel inferior, superior or impressed. All three of these states are dangerous because they disregard the underlying principle of my true connection with others. When I am aware that my best connections are based on mutual love and regard, based on independently generated self esteem, then I am able to stop comparing. Today let me protect myself from this vulnerability by turning my attention within towards...  more
  • Life will bring obstacles and difficulties

    They do not come to stop you. They come to strengthen you and help you progress with more experience. Keep advancing. One day is not the same as another.

    Sometimes you do not have to find a solution, it is enough to keep moving forward, leaving the obstacle behind.
    • Nikhil Bhola
  • Ego

    Ego imitates. Ego corrupts pure intentions by keeping me on the surface of understanding. Rather than making spiritual knowledge my own, ego will convince me that I can copy, imitate and look good rather than do the personal, intimate work of applying it to myself in a fresh way so that it becomes my own. Today let me weaken ego’s hold on me by taking the time to look deeply and personally into what I am learning.
    • Gurender Singh
  • Shake Hands

    In the moment of shaking the hand of another, not only are we participating in a universal greeting, but we are acknowledging we are all connected in the game of life together. For what is life but a series of meetings, a gentle sequence of connectings!

    The touch of hands is a reminder of our unity, the squeeze of a hand says we care, and the shaking of hands says we are celebrating being together. What are we saying when our touch is too cold, our squeeze too firm or too soft, or our shake...  more
  • inner power

    Make inner power stronger than external force. In today’s world we are influenced by many situations and by the atmosphere of the world. Sometimes we say or do things we do not want to say or do but feel that the situations “made me”. Rather than blaming the atmosphere I can increase my inner power until it becomes greater than the external force of situations. My inner power increases when I turn my attention inwards in a concentrated way. Today let me focus on increasing my inner power.
  • Beautiful Thought

    Harmony is the ultimate expression of spirituality. Love dissolves hate. Kindness melts cruelty. Compassion calms passion. Cooperation evokes love and when we bow, others bend. This creates harmony. Today let me create harmony in my world.
  • Best Help We Can Give

    To help others discover their talents is the best help we can give. Sometimes people are unaware of their talents, or afraid to use them. But if we do not use the gifts we have been given, we can never be truly happy. Throughout our lives, people help us grow. As we grow older, we can help others too.

    Making others aware of the things they do well and subtly encouraging them to use their talents is the best way to help them progress.
  • The Law of Karma

    Spirituality teaches me to see my responsibility and what causes I am setting in motion by my thoughts, words and actions. I just have to fulfill my responsibilities and the rights will automatically follow, because they are the effect. This may not happen immediately, but it is inevitable.

    The law of cause and effect, action and reaction, the law of karma is an integral part of spirituality. It gives us a basis on which to make right choices and create a beautiful future for ourselves and the...  more
  • Love

    Love is all we need, it is what most people want and they search for. To look outside for love is to condemn myself to insecurity. Love generated externally is perishable and is destined to fade away. The love I really want is within me all the time. When I feel love, it comes from within me because I am a being of love. Today let me sit in silence and get to know myself again, to discover that I am a being of love then I won't need to look for it outside, I will know I have an imperishable...  more
  • Light

    Life exists on the basis of energy and light. If there is no light, there is no life. Light is a giver of life, its beauty, its meaning and support. Blessed are those who realize the importance of the spiritual light and discovering it fill their lives with that light to such an extent that they become carriers of light and fill both the atmosphere and everyone with lightness, power and joy. Today let me spread the light.
  • Beautiful Thought

    If you develop your sense of self respect, then regard will follow you like a shadow. Often when I feel I need to receive respect from others, my mental state can best be described as a beggar or victim. However if I transform this mental state by giving myself the respect I am looking for from others, I suddenly discover that I am a magnet for respect. Today let me give myself respect and let it act like a magnet.