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BK Arun Kumar

BK Arun Kumar

  • Rest Easy

    Rest does not come with sleeping, it comes with waking. This is both an insight and an action of enlightenment. When we are enlightened we realise that real rest is possible only when we become free of illusion and we no longer struggle against life.

    Illusion is the idea that people should be, and do, what we want them to. The truth is, all is as it should be, despite appearances, or our perceptions of others to the contrary. This means you can be easy on yourself, easy with others and easy...  more
  • New Perspective

    Creating new things or changing your surroundings is easy, but maintaining the excitement of newness is more challenging.

    The secret to a fresh, enthusiastic life isn’t constantly doing new things, but viewing everything with new eyes, insights, and perspectives.
  • Heroic Behaviour

    The main quality of a hero is courage – not a reckless bravado, full of impulse and ambition. But a quiet, introspective courage.

    In that quietness, the hero is able to discern and then decide on a particular course of action. He might see that it is better to let go of another person’s past rather than hold it against them or constantly remind them of it.

    With humility and courage the past is forgiven; the hero completely lets go. Only heroes can do such things.
  • Play Games

    Why do you go to work – for the pay or to play? Money takes the L out of PLAY and we forget that life is just a game. The game is just an exchange and interplay of energies, a divine dance. You give the energy of your head and hands, and you receive money in return. Misery comes when you live only to receive. This is how we kill the fun in life. Every scene in our life is a game requiring certain skills and abilities to play it well. When you do, and you taste success at playing, you’re...  more
  • The Dance of Forgetting and Remembering

    Life is akin to a dance between forgetting and remembering. We falter in this delicate game when we lose sight of our true essence and purpose, overshadowing our present with the shadows of the past. Forgetting who we are—spiritual beings of non-physical, eternal nature, embodiments of love, peace, and bliss—leads us astray. Our true self is the conscious, sentient soul, ever-present amidst life’s cacophony.

    The game is lost when we dwell on the material memories that haunt us—old...  more
  • Manage Emotions

    When the energy of our consciousness is out of our control – the mind is agitated. We are being emotional. The solution is to detach from the inner storms, stand back and observe the hurricane pass.

    Detached observation withdraws the energy which your emotions require to sustain themselves. When you watch your own anger, it dies. If you don’t detach from it, and observe it …it will be your master.

    Today is the day to practice positive, detached observation, and each emotion-filled...  more
  • React Positively

    When we face challenging situations, our initial response is often negative. It's easy to get swept up in a storm of unhelpful thoughts that only take us further from finding a solution.

    By focusing on one positive thought each day, I cultivate stability. With constant practice, this habit helps me stay steady, even in the toughest times.
  • If you start it, finish it… or forget it

    A task left undone remains undone in two places – at the actual location of the task, and inside your head. Incomplete tasks in your head consume the energy of your attention as they gnaw at your conscience. They siphon off a little more of your personal power every time you delay.

    No need to be a perfectionist, that’s debilitating in an imperfect world, but it’s good to be a ‘completionist’.

    If you start it, finish it…or forget it.
  • Walk Quickly

    Walk quickly today, not because you are in a hurry, but because you value the exercise for legs and heart. As you walk, allow your thoughts to visit you, but not stay. Let them come to pass, and you will be surprised how quickly they become positive, and filled with creative ideas.

    And paradoxically, if you stay internally aware, you may notice that the quicker you walk, the more your thinking slows down and deepens. Walking briskly and positive thinking – that’s the simplest way to take...  more
  • Remind Yourself

    If you know a little of yourself, you will have realised that you are more than meets your eyes in the mirror in the morning. What you see is not what you are. You see the form not the content, the body not the soul, the matter not the mind. In quiet and profound moments, we innately know that is true. But we forget. The world tells us and wants us to believe that we are what we see – and we take the easy way out. We believe.

    That’s why the awakening of spirit and the flowering of our...  more
  • Embracing Gratitude: Recognise Your Blessings

    No matter the hurdles we face, there’s always light to be found. Life’s journey is full with ups and downs, but amidst the challenges, there are countless reasons to hold gratitude close to our hearts. Today, let’s pause and reflect on the precious gift of life and its many wonders. From the air we breathe to the connections we cherish, every moment is an opportunity to recognise our blessings. Let’s count them one by one and hold onto the joy they bring, for in gratitude, we find...  more
  • Solutions To Problems

    To solve problems effectively, it is essential to enhance the quality of my thoughts. By calming my mind and fostering peaceful thoughts, I can see situations more clearly.

    When my mind is at peace, problems lose their power over me. This clarity leads to solutions naturally emerging.