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Vishwas Healing Centre

Vishwas Healing Centre

  • Child Psychology Internship Program

    ChildPsychologist needs to understand, learn and observe how a child interacts with one's own self, with their parents and their world around to enhance their holistic development. Know more about the internship programs contact us at 9899201645, 9911401645 or visit 👉 https://bit.ly/2SHYCVw
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  • Sacral Chakra Healing Webinar

    We are cent per sure, once your deeper heart issues are uncovered, during this webinar, you will learn & believe that you are well-loved daughters of God & also you will find healing & wholeness as you will then live out God’s grace in your relationships. For more details about SacralChakraHealing visit 👉 https://bit.ly/38xZXTB or contact us at 9899201645, 9911401645 and for registration visit 👉 https://bit.ly/2RJMkeZ
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  • Distant Healing In Delhi India

    DistantHealing for sure becomes an approach to heal your emotions, relationships, prosperity and life. Know more contact us now at 9899201645, 9911401645 or visit 👉 https://bit.ly/2N0aK17
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  • Tarot Card Reading Training Course

    What you think affects how you feel. And how you feel affects your result. Indeed, tarotsessions can become a fabulous opportunity to reflect on What you truly need in your relationships, profession, and life. Join us this wonderful program for details & registration contact us at 9899201645, 9911401645 or visit 👉 https://bit.ly/2tC1JE2
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  • Lama Fera Workshop (Healer Practitioner Course) | Vishwas...

    Lama Fera (Open yourself up to new possibilities for brighter future)- What will you gain: Foreign Energy Attachments Clearance, Healing Business Problems / Challenges, Healing Property Related Conflicts, Recover Health, Healing Depression, Healing Mental Health Issues, Stress Management, Recovering from Anxieties And Much More... Join us for this wonderful program and bring the ultimate shift that you always envisioned to have. For details & registration visit 👉 https://bit.ly/2SOqTKj and...  more
  • Grief-Counseling

    "Nobody knows the trouble i feel, nobody knows my sorrow" This just is not true. With GriefCounseling, we will support you & mentor you in developing new ways of coping emotional challenges by offering a fresh perspective and even helping you in gaining a new sense of hope and faith from your subconscious mind. Know more call us at 9899201645, 9911401645 or visit 👉 https://bit.ly/34OJY2k
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  • Touch Healing

    We believe that these profound sessions of healing can actually break generational curses & you can live under generational blessings. Generational curses are real but not something you have to live under. For instance, it could be a series of sadness or grief in family, chronic health issues there could be disturbing relationships with spouse, financial blockages including job crisis, there could be even abuse stories of emotional or physical in nature. This is the time, to shatter that past &...  more
  • Distant Healing

    In Distant or Remote Healing Reiki practitioner sends energy towards a person, group, event, or situation in the past, present or future.There are many ways to do distanthealing. Just as in direct treatment, in distant treatment too Reiki flows to where it is needed. Distance does not interfere in the sending or receiving of ReikiEnergy. The only requirement for distant healing is permission to have this energy flow to you and have a sincere willingness to receive. Know more call us at...  more
  • Crystal Healing

    Crystal Healing helps you in tapping the wisdom from your subconscious mind; enhances the quality of your relationship, enhances your prosperity and redefines your life. VishwasHealingCentre believes that Crystals have their own vibrations of thoughts & intentions. These magical powers and properties can heal your present, future and much more. Know more contact us at 9899201645, 7982736638, 9911401645 or visit 👉 https://bit.ly/2QdJv2u
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  • Lama Fera Healing

    Let's now start to open yourself up to new possibilities for your brighter future. Powerful modality for clearing Foreign Energy Attachments, Problems in Business, Property, Health, Healing Depression, Mental Disorders, Stress, Anxiety, And Much More.. Know more call us at 7982736638, 9899201645, 9911401645
  • Healing Therapies

    Bring Healing To Your Body, Mind & Soul. Healing therapy releases people from the emotional energy of their past, cleans up their mental stress and repairs the entire energy system. Healing techniques address each energy body at once so, your entire personal energy system can be healed. At VishwasHealingCentre we empower our clients to re-discover his inner strengths by which he can cope with illnesses, stresses and tensions far better. Some of the most popular alternativehealing therapies are:...  more
  • Energy Healing

    Energy Healing releases people from the emotional energy of their past, cleans up their mental stress, repairs the entire energy system. Heals all four levels problems- Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual. Know more call us at 9899201645, 9911401645
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