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Pradeep Samant

Pradeep Samant

  • Four states of consciousness

    The Mandukya Upanishad describes four states of consciousness, namely waking (jågrat), dreaming (svapna), and deep sleep ,which correspond to the Three Bodies Doctrine.

    The first state is the waking state, in which we are aware of our daily world. "It is described as outward-knowing (bahish-prajnya), gross (sthula) and universal (vaishvanara)" This is the gross body.

    The second state is the dreaming mind. "It is described as inward-knowing (antah-prajnya), subtle (pravivikta) and burning...  more
  • Fundamental Thought

    Fundamental Assumptions

    What is the most fundamental assumption in all of philosophy ?
  • The Beginning

    It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of the human beings to truth, is one of hostility and fear. So the Spiritual Teachers of humanity, created a device to circumvent the opposition of their listeners: The Story.

    They knew that the most entrancing words a language holds are, “Once upon a time...”, that it is common to oppose a truth but impossible to resist a story. Vyasa, the author of the...  more
  • Truth and Understanding

    Truth and Understanding

    People sometimes say that science deals with facts but that religion simply trades in opinions. In other words, science’s concern is with truth, understood as correspondence with reality, but the best that can be said of religion is that it might be ‘true’ for an individual, but only in the weak sense that it was helpful for that particular person to look at life in that particular way, without necessarily implying anything about the way reality actually is. Two...  more