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Master Your Mind Through Self-Regulation

5,000 years-old ancient Yogic wisdom distilled to power your life today

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Why YogiMeter

Master your life by mastering your mind

Become Unstoppable

Improve longevity, mental and physical health

Find inner peace and outer success

Discover your strengths and challenges

Achieve sustainable financial, relationship and personal growth

What is YogiMeter

YogiMeter is an online self-improvement tool of Ceekr which helps you master your mind through self-regulation. It based on the Yogic wisdom from the ancient Indian scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Yoga Sutra.

YogiMeter generates a detailed analysis of your Choice Making Mind based on your eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Get life-changing insights into your:

  • Mind mastery and overall well-being status
  • Financial future and wealth stability
  • Income, expenditure and saving patterns
  • Relationships patterns and how you are perceived by others
  • Effectiveness patterns and barriers in your execution
  • Stress triggers and underlying emotional patterns
  • Dominant creativity and intelligence; and much more

Get advice and tips to overcome the challenges. Ask questions to the YogiMeter experts and get personalized guidance.

What is Ceekr

Ceekr is a community and content-driven social network to support your inner development journey and help you unlock your full potential to achieve desired life outcomes. Here, you can discover world’s most prominent philosophies and proven methods of self-regulation and mind mastery.

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