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Sanchi University of Buddhist Indic Studies

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This University is meant to address the global issues & shall generally cover educationalists, academicians, philosophers, researchers, practitioners from all over the world, but shall primarily focus on Asian countries - the land of Genesis & spread of Buddhist-Indic culture. All aspects of Buddhist-Indic Studies from philosophy to culture; from economics to governance shall be addressed in totality. It shall invite knowledge & wisdom from all ten directions; shall realise, redeem, research, refine and refurbish it further to disseminate in all spheres of life and contribute to the efforts in making ‘Mother Earth’ a better place to live in. This shall also contribute to the interaction among Asian countries and facilitate cross-pollination of ideas & foster harmony among different Asian civilizations. It shall also promote the preservation & conservation of valuable physical assets, manuscripts; promote documentation, translation, co-ordination & interaction among different approaches. The university is committed to work on the known & unknown dimensions of knowledge, academics, art, literature, culture, skills related to ‘Dhamma-Dharma’ which has descended under the guidance of great masters.