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Dhyan Foundation

Dhyan Foundation

  • Shringar – The Art Of Dressing Up

    Nature has been the source of inspiration and influence to mankind since time immemorial. All aspects of our lives, be it mood, emotions, attire or nutrition have been deeply affected by nature. Thus, there is shringar even in the glowing saffron sun, vast expanse of a blue mackerel sky, the shimmering silver waves, rustle of the leaves, the ray of sunshine wafting through the windowsill, lush fields of mustard, clusters of dew drops, blossoms in full bloom, peaks of snow clad mountains and the...  more
  • Sadhna and/or Service

    A week old cuckoo, with parents, use to reside in the ashram. Every evening the parents would leave the babies in the nest, come back in the morning and feed the babies all day. The other animals in the ashram had made several attempts to catch them in the parent's absence. Seeing this, a sadhak at the ashram decided to keep the baby indoors till the time mother returned. One day, the sadhak was out for some work. There was another sadhika in the ashram, but it was the time for her sandhya...  more
  • Detox and Mantra Chanting with Yogi Ashwini

    Interact with subtler frequencies...

    Sound has a deep and profound effect on the physical body of a being, whether we are able to immediately feel the effect or not depends on the kind of sound one interacts with. Grosser sounds affect the physical body, the grossest layer of a being, and have a short effect, while subtler sounds, like mantras,!touch the lighter layers and higher centres in the body and the effect lasts longer.

    Detox cum Mantra Chanting Session
    In Sri Lanka
    19th to 26th...  more
    • Datta Swami
    • Poonam Kapoor
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  • The Yoga “Revolution”

    Yoga is the science of giving back to Creation, for we owe a lot to it. The moment you tie the subject to maya (commerce), it loses its efficacy because the purpose of yoga is to open bondages, not tie you more into them. Yoga takes you beyond, something which very few understand and hardly anyone teaches, because there is no market for it, as there is no market for Divine.
  • Astrology Gone Astray

    All the astrological charts and figures, that the modern astrologers rely upon and base their “predictions” and “upays” upon, are actually outdated. The rishis of yore were aware of the laws of Creation, and used them to forge through the changing times, men of today have forgotten the laws, what remains is the incomplete knowledge of the vedic ways translated into mere rituals and a profit making business, the science of astrology being a perfect example.
  • Dhyan, Meditation, Hypnosis

    Here's a list of ten striking differences between dhyan on one part and meditation and hypnosis on the other.
  • Acts of pleasure fasten ageing

    As one indulges in pleasure, whether food or sex, as an equal and opposite reaction, the body ages. Read more to find ways to stop the ageing process in a natural way...
  • Mario and Maya

    Mario is maya of the five senses. Life is the maya of total senses. You take another birth with a completely washed out memory and make the same mistakes again. You do not improve as there is no one to show you the reality.
  • Why Everyone Cannot Do Dhyan? - The Inner WorldThe Inner ...

    This is a very popular question. If every human is the same, that should mean everyone can become a great Yogi and be graced with the true vision of r...
  • Aura And Relationships

    As they say, energy follows the thought, and the path of least resistance, relationships become more harmonious and manifests as health, harmony and prosperity.
  • What Is Shiv - Yogi Ashwini - Dhyan Foundation - YouTube

    What is #Shiv ?
    What is a #Shivling ?
    Can a human being really access Shiv tattva?
    Yogi Ashwini answers..

    #Sawan #Manthan #LordShiv
    (Credits : Zee News)
  • The night of Mahashivratri

    This Shivratri, understand Shiv and Shakti and open your third eye

    Shivratri celebrations at Dhyan Ashram with Yogi Ashwini.
    On Monday, March 4th, 10pm-12midnight IST at Dhyan Ashram, New Delhi
    To attend, 9999183378/ 9953207240.