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Dhyan Foundation

Detox and Mantra Chanting with Yogi Ashwini


Indian Practices

Interact with subtler frequencies...

Sound has a deep and profound effect on the physical body of a being, whether we are able to immediately feel the effect or not depends on the kind of sound one interacts with. Grosser sounds affect the physical body, the grossest layer of a being, and have a short effect, while subtler sounds, like mantras,!touch the lighter layers and higher centres in the body and the effect lasts longer.

Detox cum Mantra Chanting Session
In Sri Lanka
19th to 26th February 2019



  • Datta Swami
    Sacrifice of Wealth Is The Way

    Indians, particularly, are sacrificing words through prayers and feelings through expression of love for the sake of God. When the question of wealth or money comes they sacrifice it for the sake of their families only. This is the reason why India suffers with poverty. Swami Vivekananda wept loudly facing the sky asking; ‘Why India with such high spiritual knowledge is suffering with poverty?’ The foreigners are not so well in prayers and expression of love...  more
  • Poonam Kapoor
    Oppurtunity of a lifetime with the guru Yogi Ashwiniji himself. Dont miss!!!!
  • Prasan Prabhakar
    great opportunity. should not miss
  • Anubha Kanwar
    Rare opportunity.
  • Sonya Chat
    so true
  • Suman Biswas
    Great opportunity