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Ardhendu Das

Ardhendu Das

  • Mirabai - A devout follower of Lord Krishna

    MiraBai (1498 - 1547) was a Rajput princess who lived in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. She was a devout follower of Lord Krishna.
  • Lakshman Gita - Baal Kaand, Shri Ram CharitMaanas

    The lore of Shri Rama is a timeless epic and has been beautifully narrated in Shri Ram Charit Maanas by Goswami Tulsi Das Ji in the most simplistic way for common understanding. Lakshman Gita is a part of Baal Kaand of Shri Ram CharitMaanas.

    Once during their exile into the forests, Lord Rama, Lakshman Ji, and Sita Ji reached the village headed by Nisadraj Guha. Later, when Lord Rama and Sita ji were sleeping on the ground, Guha got disheartened and started cursing Kaikeyi for...  more