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Ardhendu Das

Lakshman Gita - Baal Kaand, Shri Ram CharitMaanas

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The lore of Shri Rama is a timeless epic and has been beautifully narrated in Shri Ram Charit Maanas by Goswami Tulsi Das Ji in the most simplistic way for common understanding. Lakshman Gita is a part of Baal Kaand of Shri Ram CharitMaanas.

Once during their exile into the forests, Lord Rama, Lakshman Ji, and Sita Ji reached the village headed by Nisadraj Guha. Later, when Lord Rama and Sita ji were sleeping on the ground, Guha got disheartened and started cursing Kaikeyi for her deeds. Then, Lakshman tried to console him and shared persisting concepts of life that have intrigued mankind since the beginning of mankind. These concepts are known as Lakshman Gita.

Explanation from Ram Charit Maanas:
Lakshman said in the very polite voice full of knowledge and devotion towards Lord Rama - that no one causes happiness and unhappiness of someone else. Everyone has to go through the fruits of own deeds. Union and separation, enjoyment, honesty and deceitfulness, favorable and unfavorable times are all causes of delusions. Birth and death are inseparable parts of this world and is manifested by wealth, ill fate, deeds and time. In this world property, wealth, place, family, heaven and hell all are an integral part of chores, however, one should observe, listen and contemplate in mind that attachment to any of these things will not lead to the attainment of eternal truth.
A beggar can become a king and a king of the entire world can become a pauper in a dream. But on waking up there is no change and no profit or loss to the being. In a similar way, one should look upon the entire world.
O my brother, with such thinking, please don’t get angry at and blame the events to anyone. Everyone in this deep dark night of attachment is sleeping and watching dreams of various types in the night. In this dark night of delusion, the Yogi remains awake. He is always in the quest for ultimate truth and is detached from all the worldly attachments. A being is awake only when there is no passion or desire to own all the luxurious items or anything that can be perceived by senses. And when a being gets awake, then wisdom surfaces and all the illusions of attachment wither away, and there is the manifestation of supreme devotion in the feet of Lord Rama. The ultimate truth is that one should always love by mind, deeds, and speech the feet of Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the supreme god and is immortal, imperceptible, without beginning and end, and there is no one else like Rama. He is free from all vices and is omnipresent. Vedas describe Lord Rama as eternal and inexplicable.
The gracious Lord Rama took the form of a human to protect the interests of devotees, brahmin, earth, cow, and deities. Whoever hears this story will be free from the cycle of life and death.