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Ravi Chandran

A disciplined life

Mind, as Lord Krishna says can be one’s best friend as well as the worst adversary. Lord states that it is a must for human beings to transform the mind to be their best friend. In order to make the mind one’ best friend, it is important to observe certain features which would purify the mind and remove its fickleness. Contentment, self discipline, silence, purification of mind by purging of complexes are austerities of mind.

Contentment or satisfaction with whatever one has in possession. God rewards human beings for their diligent efforts to earn a living. The trouble comes when they cross the periphery of contentment and encroach the land of desires. In a state when a person lives under ginormous stress for want of various materialistic desires, the mind turns agitative losing its tranquility. The convulsions of unfulfilled desires wreck the mind and instigate the person to resort to commission of misdeeds in order to own the house of desires. We have learnt this in previous chapters that a wrecked mind destroys a person in all respects. Therefore, contentment is necessary expressing gratitude to GOD for whatever HE has given. This is one feature in observance of austerity of mind.

The next one that Lord described is self discipline wherein one needs to control one’s impulses under any circumstance. We have witnessed how impulse can invite trouble in a person’s life. Over indulgence in matters paves way to addiction and addiction towards objects desolates a person.
For instance, a person takes a peg of alcohol in a day by stating that that he would not exceed and would not make it a habit. On that particular day, he supposedly catches good sleep. That is what he thought but the sleep was the effect caused by the sedative noxious ingredients in alcohol. The next day, the urge to consume one more peg of alcohol arises in the person. Gradually, this urge translates into addiction and the person who started with one peg now gulps down a bottle. This addiction leads the person to ruination of his life.

It is the same case with lust in which not imposing self control takes a person to various thresholds to satiate his lust. A mind being a captive of lust exterminates the real identity of person by transforming him to a lecherous being. In order to quench the unending thirst of lust, he would regularly visit red light areas despite having a wife or even otherwise which climaxes in a situation where the person gets afflicted with venereal diseases.
Self control in intake of food; the right food. Over eating and exorbitant consumption of inedible food cause harrowing health problems and one suffers from diabetics, obesity and other ailments. Self evaluation at different situations would empower a person to be disciplined and lead a sober life.