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Ravi Chandran

A friend , philosopher , mentor and guide

Life Philosophy Divine Inspiration

In Bhagvad Geeta , Lord Krishna addresses Arjuna as a friend. He stated that" even if you are an SC, or OBC or a destitute, I don't manifest any prejudice". Krishna said Call me and I shall be there with you, for you".The supreme Almighty is calling us HIS friend and what are we doing ? We are creating divisions in the name of Dharma . Well, Lord Krishna never mentioned the name of any religion . He said Human beings or human kind.

The actual dharma is establishing peace and harmony in the society , working for the welfare of society(Sarvabhoot hite Rata Lord Krishna had declared He appears on the land to establish Dharma and protect the innocents from evil forces. HIs vision has always been human rights protection

Let us not get into the caste and creed scenarios. Humanity is much above those. What is the difference between you and me ? Nothing. God has endowed me with senses, mind and brain and a beautiful soul same as you have been . It's just the notions and perception that differ due to which we are unable to recognize the pure soul.
Vasudevkutumbakam. The world is one family. The horrendous acts like terrorism and other criminal acts are prevalent in the society due to scarcity of pure knowledge . So disseminate the real knowledge that Lord Krishna imparted to Arjuna about Gyan, Karma , Dhyan and Bhakti . Jai Shree Krishna