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Maryam Faresh

Animals, the Mirror to our Soul.

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One of the most simple ways to tap into your intuition is by connecting to your animal companion. It does not matter their species or personality, at the end of the day one thing holds true….animals are driven by instinct and intuition.

Each one of us have experienced a time when we could feel something was wrong or “off” with our companion but we just couldn’t put it into words. And how often have we felt we knew what our companion animal was thinking or feeling? Both of these scenarios are examples of intuition.

In my 20 years of reading both people and pets, majority of my clients have already felt or knew with their heart and gut what I was going to say about their companion. This isn’t coincidence, this is intuition.

Begin to strengthen your intuition by simply no longer second guessing your feelings with your companion animal. Begin to trust instead of ignore, when feelings come up, and see where it takes you.

-Maryam the Medium


  • Jacky Haworth
    My partner and I are full-time pet sitters. We see all too often the stress of the owners offloading onto the pets. We teach sTREss Away classes to people and we see how doing those classes in the homes of all these pets has a hugely calming effect on the pets. Owners comment on how chilled their pets are when they get home. So to all those stressed pet owners, "you are affecting your pets, time to destress." Mayam, you might like to learn a little more about what we do. Maybe we can do a pet...  more