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Ravi Chandran

Bhagvad Geeta : A text for complete human development

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Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta is an amalgamation of Bhakti (devotion) , Gyan (Knowledge) , Yoga (meditation) or Karma Sanyasa(Karmic renunciation) but with a different connotation.

Lord Krishna had never advocated Sanyasa or karmic renunciation. As a matter of fact, Lord Krishna affirmed that he too is bound to perform his duties to administer the world otherwise every single individual would contravene the laws of nature and commit unlawful activities that could witness a disastrous end. Bhagvad Geeta is a scientific amalgamated knowledge of Bhakti, knowledge, karma and physical Yoga i.e meditation.

Lord Krishna is referred to as Paramaatma and human beings as Aatma. Lord states in Bhagvad Geeta
“Ishwar Sarvabhootanam hridideshoarjun tishtati”

“I am always present in everyone’s’ heart”.

Lord Krishna residing in a person’s heart, is the witness to the each and every deed of a human being. A human being is a part of the quality of the Parmatma i.e the GOD.This vindicates the very fact a person is bound to do his karma (Deeds) and he cannot escape from fulfilling his responsibilities towards the society. Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta is the sovereign text for the welfare of human beings that reveals about the means to attain enlightenment while performing one’s deeds.