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Ravi Chandran

Bhakti Yukta Karma: The Supreme quality of karma

Arjuna implored before Lord Krishna to disentangle him from the conundrum of whether he should adopt the path of renunciation from Karma or perform just actions with devotion and worship. Arjuna was in sheer dilemma because of an unstable mind with irrational beliefs.

The origin of quandary is mainly because of wrongly cultivated notions, rigidity and adamancy. Carrying these noxious elements in mind leads to a situation wherein we turn incapacitated to discern between righteousness and unrighteousness and come on face with a robust predicament.

Expelling mental disarrays of Arjuna, Lord Krishna categorically stated action with devotion (Karma Yoga) is far better than renunciation from work. A person who tames the wavering senses with strong equanimity would carry the knowledge that he does not do anything and is just a medium of exercise of GOD and has been brought to this earth for a purpose. The purpose is to contribute towards establishment of Dharma (Righteousness) in the society and serve people to the best of one’s ability. Such a knowledgeable person will always conscientiously discharge his deeds without cogitating upon the results. He/She would perform the deeds as direction from GOD and would dedicate every deed to the Almighty GOD.

Renunciation from deeds is escapism. Lord Krishna himself discharges HIS deeds with utmost circumspection even while owning everything in the cosmos. Then, a person’s thoughts of renouncing deeds can be considered totally untenable and unacceptable.

There are two categories of individuals. One, in order to attain the enlightened state abdicates all deeds and exercise penance to achieve the salvation. On the other state, a knowledgeable person considering himself a servant of human kind would dispense the prescribed duties dedicating all actions to GOD. The result of such devotional service would be attainment of oneness with the Supreme Almighty.

An example would also be of a person working in a coal mine. Despite working in a coal mine, if the person is able to eschew from the remnants of black herein referred as darkness or negativeness then he/she would be hailed as a knowledgeable person immersed in Bhaktiyukta Karma (Union of Karma and Worship).