Subrajyoti Duarah

Coming to Our Senses: A Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn


Awakening of ConsciousnessWisdom and Experience

As the planetary citizens we are rapidly becoming—following on 10,000 years, or approximately a mere 350 generations, of history and what passes for civilization—we’ve reached a point where it is probably critical that we refine and make better use of our genetic capacity as a species for self-knowing, our capacity for awareness, which is presumably more refined than that of any other species. We’ve also reached a point where we’ve created possibilities for self-destruction that are increasingly ominous, so that the question becomes: Can our capacity for consciousness as a species hold our shadow side in such a way that we don’t succumb to the “dis-ease” that is actually us. Can we come to our senses?...


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