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Susan Hough

Gratitude for our Ancestors and Sobonfu Some'

Relationships and BondsSelf-Realisation and Growth Reflections and Experiences

Today is Sobonfu Some's second anniversary of her death. I woke up this morning feeling blessed that I was able to experience this one of a kind woman. I woke up contemplating on what was the main gift she gave to me. I woke up missing her physically but also knowing that I was truly blessed by her presence and wisdom.

So today I want you to breathe in and take in the sweet message that she gave to me and to so many. Take the time to know you are a gift in this world. You are unique and you have something that we all need.

Imagine right now that you are awakening, remembering and enhancing that gift. Feel it align and grow in you. Ask for your Ancestors, Spirit (GOD) to help you remember that you are special and loved. Even if you don’t believe trust in this moment that this is true.

This is what she helped me to believe in and nurture within myself. As you move forward each day remember this and as you greet others Remember that they too have medicine you need and a gift that you need in order to bring your own gift out more. It is time to bring Community into our lives and to find those people who can see you and help you feel connected to you.

Connect and remember that we must have relationships and connections to truly heal this world and ourselves.

WE are not meant to live this life isolated. We are here to support one another and to make a difference in this world together. Without each other we become lonely and fearful. Reach out today Reach out Everyday and let us teach our children that we must have Community and Connection to make a change in this world.

Thank you Sobonfu you live in me and so many and we will not forget YOU!