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Datta Swami

Human re-birth

(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

Only one Lord created this entire universe. He should have told the same knowledge everywhere in the world. The contradiction is only due to misunderstanding. In Hinduism also Sankara says that again human birth is almost impossible (Jantunaam Nara Janma Durlabhamidam). Sankara was incarnation of Siva & so what He told is also authoritative.

Even Gita says that the soul comes back to this world but does not say that the soul gets again the human birth (Ksheene Punye Martyalokam Visanti). In the second chapter, Gita speaks about rebirth but not about the human rebirth. Islam and Christianity say that the human birth is given only as a single chance. After this the final judgement is given. The soul either goes to the Lord or goes to the hell permanently.

In Gita also there are two ways for the soul. Either the soul goes to the Lord and does not return back or the soul returns back to the world (Abrahma Bhuvanath, Yat Gatva). According to Gita, if the soul does not go to the Lord (Brahmaloka), it returns back after enjoying the fruits of incomplete spiritual effort. Therefore in this human birth, if the spiritual effort is completed, the soul goes to the Brahmaloka permanently.

If spiritual effort is incomplete the soul may go up to any world below Brahmaloka, it will return back to this earth after enjoying the fruits of its incomplete spiritual effort. The soul may go up to 6th world, it cannot go to Brahmaloka, which is 7th world by doing remaining spiritual effort in the 6th world. The reason is once soul leaves this earth all the upper worlds are only Bhogalokas i.e., worlds in which soul can enjoy the fruits, but cannot do any work (Karma).

So the soul has to return to earth. The soul will not get again another chance of human birth because once it is failed it can never succeed. So the soul comes to earth & falls into cycle of animals & birds only. When the soul is trapped in this cycle of animal births, it is treated as a permanent hell.