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Ravi Chandran

Importance of Spirituality

The absence of imparting of spiritual knowledge in our educational institutions had led to precarious situation wherein we are witnessing criminal deeds in the society.

In the world of surging social media, technological boom and the cinematography liberty, children are accessible to pornographic literature and images, mobile obscenity and other deceptive lucrative offers due to which the essence and existence of spirituality are fast moving towards extinction.

A seventh standard student sends a threatening sexually explicit message to his teacher. A student killing his teacher ; blasphemous conduct of students towards their teachers. These are incidents that dither our conscience and force us to introspect about the ramshackle fabric of the society. The vulgar images knock down the values of a person and the person then tries to seek sensual pleasures through lust, drugs, greed for wealth and others. Such persons do not possess devotion for the Almighty and without devotion there can’t be existence of knowledge.

In the wake of atrocious and profane attributes, devotion towards the Supreme Almighty would be non-existent. It’s imperative to establish the reign of spirituality in order to create a righteous and harmonious society.

Lord Krishna enunciates about Bhaktiyukt Karma (Integration of Action and Worship). Lord Krishna advices Arjuna and in fact Krishna making Arjuna as a medium is advising us to completely surrender to the Almighty while performing the prescribed actions. Lord states that an action immersed in worship sanctifies the Karma and makes it par excellence. A person who constantly harps on the fruits of his deeds would be considered parsimonious as such a person would not keep devotional faith towards GOD.