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Ravi Chandran

Meditation : The spiritual whip to control mind

Lord Krishna had stated that one’s mind is one’s best friend and the mind can be the gruesome enemy too if not molded into righteousness. Hence, by diligently practicing Dyana Yoga, mind should be applied as a tool to control the senses. Once the mind becomes a friend then controlling the senses would be facile.

Krishna states that a great deal of persistence is required while trying to mould the mind as the nature of mind would fiercely object to the exercise of meditation. Abandoning all material desires, one has to control the senses with the help of a controlled mind. While meditating, one needs to pull the mind back with sheer resoluteness and coercion from which ever subject it is wandering onto and with immense gallant control the mind eventually changing its behavioural pattern. It is definitely an arduous task but with robust patience and industriousness, one would succeed to change the behaviour of mind.

One who is not moderate in habits especially food intake or sleeping would find meditation very wearisome. Such individuals with extremity of habits would find Dhyana (meditation) enormously tedious and would eventually retract from practicing meditation getting deviated from the path of spiritual transcendence. A person with the propensity of consuming food in excess will not be able to meditate as largeness of food intake causes lethargy and drowsiness.

In science, we have studied about balance diet following which one can eschew from a malaise and would possess the physical exuberance to work excellently. Moderateness does not limit to food intake. Excess of sleeping too would become an obstacle and would invite lassitude and sluggishness to move ahead on the path of Dhyana Yoga. On the other hand, if a person leads a disciplined and moderate life then he/she would be able to maintain the vivacity and level headedness to be able to pursue the goal.

In educational institutions, students face problem saying that they are not able to concentrate on certain subjects. Although a student would be physically present in the class yet the mind divagates on diverse subjects. He would at one juncture would be in movie theatre and at the next juncture the person would find himself at a playground or home or any other place. The student becomes a puppet of the dominant mind.

While practicing meditation, one actually administers operation upon the mind. Operation upon mind by two instruments is mandatory while practicing Dhyana Yoga. These two instruments are determination and trust. By wielding these two instruments, one would never digress from the path. Practicing Dhyana Yoga with immense caution, intelligence and perseverance, one should gradually get enveloped in the inner spiritual sphere by fixing the mind on the Supreme GOD. A restrained person through practice of Dhyana Yoga would earn the fortitude to be able to successfully tackle troublesome situations with equanimity.