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Devendra Kumar Sharma

Need Of Guru

The one mystery that has been nagging the mankind for ages is what's life? Is it simply a journey from birth to death or has it been bestowed on us for some meaningful purpose? Several theories have been doing round, some view it as nature's gift while other's think that it provides us an opportunity to contribute for the betterment of the society by adding values. It is possible only when I gets transformed into we or when self into ourselves. Now there arises moot question: what's the purpose of life. Again various theories have been propounded but the most pertinent seems the purpose of life is salvation. How to attain salvation? It is here we need guru who can guide us. Guru has to be someone who has transcended the worldly worries and has himself attained salvation. Baba neeb karori had the vision to lead everyone whosoever came in his contact to attain salvation. He blessed everyone with love.
V. S. Sharma