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Ravi Chandran


Lord Krishna declared that HE is the beginning, middle and the end. Lord Krishna states that HE is illimitable. In chapter 10, Lord Krishna presents the verbal manifestation about HIMSELF.

Lord Krishna described about HIS ubiquitous existence in the world. As in every family, the head of family is the preponderant figure and other family members feature as a cohesive enterprise. The family members do carry their respective powers of decisiveness but the final consent will always be provided by the head of the family. In the same way, demigods have been rendered with the power to grant boons but the final ratification is given by Lord Krishna.
There have been instances wherein Demi Gods granted boons to kings and those boons were misused by them causing ruckus and atrocities in the society. In order to rescue the society from evil, Lord Krishna appears in different incarnations to destroy the diabolic forces. In the following chapter, Lord Krishna manifests HIMSELF in the COSMOS form (vishwa roop). In order to view the Universal form, Lord Krishna grants Arjuna divine eyes. In the universal body of Lord Krishna, Arjuna sees Vishnu, Shiva and Bhrahma. Lord states that in the form of Adityas, HE is Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu has been endowed with the power to nurture and administer the world. Arjuna then states that Lord Krishna’s Univeral form is radiant like thousand suns. Lord Krishna states that amongst the light, HE is the radiant SUN and amongst stars, HE is the moon.