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Datta Swami

Science & Spirituality

(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

Science is logical analysis of items existing in creation based on one authority i.e., perception (Pratyaksha Pramanam). Even in ancient logic, authorities (Pramanas) are based on perception only. You see fire giving smoke. This is deduction or perception. When you see smoke coming from a distance & do not see fire, you say that fire exists there & this is inference (Anumana Pramanam). But this induction is based on previous deduction only. Somebody says to you that fire gives smoke. If that person is your dearest, you believe it & infer fire from smoke. This is authority of word ‘Shabdha Pramanam’.

Though you have not seen fire, your dearest person has seen smoke coming from fire. Like this all authorities are based on perception only. I do not find any scripture of any Religion, which contradicts the experience of perception. There are 4 ways of authority. 1) Sruthi, original scripture. 2) Smrithi, commentaries of Scholars on original scripture. 3) Yukthi, logical analysis based on deduction, induction etc., 4) Anubhava, experience based on perception of items in this world, which may be direct or indirect. Out of these 4, fourth way is most powerful. If anything contradicts fourth way, that is not valid or it may be a misinterpretation based on misunderstanding of Sruthi or Smrithi or Yukthi. So Science & Philosophy are not separate. Very frame of spiritual knowledge is Science only. So Science is basic foundation & underlying structure of Scriptures.

A true Scientist should always stand on perception & should not deny experience derived by perception. If he denies, he is not a scientist. Top most scientists were philosophers & spiritual people only. Those scientists travelled along river of Science & reached its end, which is ocean of spiritual knowledge called as philosophy. Philosophy exists in all branches of Science.Every branch of Science gives Ph.D as final degree. Ph.D is Doctor in Philosophy & is essence of knowledge of every branch.