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Piyush Jindal


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An excellent message to read, from some philosopher:-

Happiness can be divided into 3 categories:*
*1. Physical happiness;*
*2. Mental happiness;*
*3. Spiritual happiness.*

These are brief summary of steps to take for achieving these in our lives:

*For Physical Happiness:*
a. Regular and proper *DIET*.
b. Regular and proper *REST*.
c. Regular and proper *EXERCISE*.

*For Mental Happiness:*
a. Minimize *Expectations*.
b. Minimize *Ego & Pride*.
c. Minimize *Negative Thoughts*.

*For Spiritual Happiness:*
a. Recognize your *SOUL* as a separate entity from the body.
b. Do not live in the *PAST*.
Free yourself of past memories
and experiences.
Do not worry about the *FUTURE*.
But, plan for it.
Free yourself in *PRESENT* of
any attachments and hatred
*Raag Dvesh*.
c. Help all living beings without
any expectations.
d. Meditate regularly and surrender
to the Supreme Soul.