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Ravi Chandran

Silence : A calming source for the Soul

Mind houses many complexes. One needs to assess the mind and if any defilement arises such as anger or aversion then through the practice of meditation and the inner strength, one needs to purify the mind. Once the mind gets purified then the person would be able to rise to the highest level of spirituality. Austerity of mind includes one major feature which is silence. In meditative sessions, silence is used as a major component to control as well as sharpen the mind and also to get rid of the defilements of mind such as lust, anger, greed and other negativities.
When a person remains in silence, the energy inside is preserved. Furthermore, the person would then be able to sharpen his focus. The propensity to conserve silence would enable a person to become introvert and evaluate oneself through mind. In silence, one becomes more prudent while using words.

Generally, if we introspect, what is the quality of our conversation? What would be the subject of our talks? I am sorry to say, we do not broach up significant and relevant topics and just for the matter of speaking, we gabble. The conversation would be like this :
“ You know the neighbours are so cunning . They did not reveal that they are going to Dubai and they did not take their mother in law”. Was this topic relevant?
Second :“ You know , he is a very crooked person. Their whole family is like that”.
Third: “ They removed their water tanks and replaced it with new and got it fitted near their kitchen”.
Fourth : “ The neighbour’s boy is having an affair somewhere. That is why he is not getting married”.
Fifth : After watching a serial in television: “Oh, the lady is very cruel, a real vamp. God will punish her”.

These are few excerpts from the conversation held among people. Criticisms, vitriolic speech, insinuating words for somebody who would not even be an acquaintance.
The conversation not being meaningful becomes a mere prattle resulting to accretion of pollutants in the mind. This happens because the mind has been molded in such a manner. It is important to always remember that when one finger is pointed out towards somebody, three fingers are pointing towards self.

Silence conditions the mind. While maintaining silence, a person would be able to observe the conduct of mind and then work towards changing its conduct pattern. Bathing in silence, a person would be able to enhance the inner beauty and thus would be able to realize the value of true speech. It is important to understand that one should speak only when it is necessary. An orgy of talks does not yield anything rather spoils the image of a person. Garrulousness is not a quality. In fact, it is a blemish in one’s character. There is a saying “speech is silvern; silence is golden”. Silence is divine and a trusted associate. Being divine, silence transports its companions also to the state of divinity.