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Ravi Chandran

Source of Pure Karma : Worship

Lord Krishna stated about the essence of devotion and worship. Lord emphasized upon the pious characteristics of Worship and reiterated that the fruits of actions are based on the quality of one’s actions. Lord Krishna gives a practical message by saying that if a person holds a condition while offering prayers then the result of his actions would be in the form of a condition and not completely favourable.

It can be construed in a way that if platonic love exists between a married couple then the derivative of pure love would be in form of values enriched offsprings. On the contrary, if there is an iota of condition or expection in a relationship then the fruits of such relationship would be bitter and would not last longer.

Let us view another example. If the food is prepared with a tinge of irritation or frustration then the cooked dish will not be as scrumptious. On the contrary, if the same dish is prepared with a sense of affection and devotion then the food would taste immensely delicious.

The warmth of the person who cooked the food could be experienced through the emanating aroma of the dish itself. The two examples illustrate the sphere of conditions while performing actions. Lord Krishna stated that if a person capitulates dedicating all his activities to HIM then prosperous boons would be showered upon him as a reward for his impeccable state of devotion and worship.

Ignoramus persons hurled accusations upon Lord Krishna of showing prejudice. All insinuations get expelled because as Lord affirmed that it is the natural rule of justice wherein if a person whose worship is devoid of self centredness and is an altruist receives a garland of blessings from GOD. It would be pertinent to mention that on 18th September 1893 in Chicago, Swami Vivekananda had quoted this verse from Bhagavad Gita while delivering sermons on the subject of Dharma.