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Ravi Chandran

Spiritual bliss on Gurji's birthday

In continuation with the dissemination of awareness about the existence of misery, grief, health problems in a human being’s life, it would be imperative to mention that with the imparting of courses by the Art Of Living in conjunction with the blessings of Guruji, the world is now getting into the mould wherein love, compassion, altruism and righteousness are getting back into the minds of the people and the mass is now in the mode of elimination of apathy. When we talk of world, prison cannot be ignored because the prison in itself is a small world where persons languish in the darkness of ignorance. Guruji, many years ago, discovered this and blessed to start the courses at Tihar. The drive to eliminate ignorance has reached a magnitude wherein the inmates are travelling on the path of self realization and have experienced a new sphere in which they are now able to identify the root cause of their problems.

In June 2013, a mega course for 300 inmates was conducted ensued by Youth Leadership Training Programme which is the next level after the Happiness Course. The conclusion of YLTP course saw the commencement of another high voltage event for the inmates instrumental in deep cleansing and purification of mind; the Advance Course. 13th May 2013 (Main Tera Tera), the birthday of Guruji was celebrated with high octane exuberance and devotion by the AOL family. Ms. Vimla Mehra , Director General (Prsions) exhibited her charismatic presence on the auspicious occasion.
In a significant move, a gigantic awareness programme in the form of a 4 day basic course was conducted in the jail in which almost 1200 inmates participated and attained the much needed mental tranquility. The experience of the inmates after attending all these courses has been remarkable. Tears of remorse and compunction were effusing out of the eyes. The individuals learnt to discipline the mind as earlier they were getting swept away in the tides of Kama, Krodha, Moha, Dwesh, Vaasna (greed, unrestrained passion, anger, and other complexes of mind).
With the regular follow ups and practice of Pranayams and the magical Sudarshan Kriya, the inmates are getting transformed into their true purest mould, the way they were born as a pure soul. With the sermons on Sreemad Bhagavad Gita following the follow ups along with the Sat Sang, a transmogrification is happening inside the prison and the impact of these nectar courses has definitely brought about a positive aura in the atmosphere of the prison.