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Ravi Chandran

Spirituality and Charity.

The aspect that defines a divine personality is one’s penchant towards accumulate spiritual knowledge. In fact, it is just not the predilection but a resolute effort to acquire the spiritual noesis and tune a relationship with the Almighty Krishna.

Real knowledge is the spiritual knowledge that works on self realization, rest are information. I here reiterate that only information is being downloaded in the educational institutions and not knowledge. Through information, academic excellence is procured but as a result of deficiency of spiritual knowledge, our society is witnessing gruesome incidents of criminal activities like murders, rape, robbery etc. Well qualified persons with academic degrees indulge in embezzlement and later face imprisonment in jail. The dearth of spiritual knowledge in the youth have led to imbalance of the social structure.

Spiritual knowledge does not mean that one would need to sit in a temple for hours reciting incantations. No. Spirituality equips a person to identify self in all respects and engage a connection with the supreme power WHO has created everything in this universe. An autopsy is done after a person’s unnatural death but in spirituality an enlivened autopsy is carried out to unravel the truth of one’s existence and the liaison with GOD.

Another feature that GOD states as divine is the disposition of charity. The practice of charity destructs the quotient of arrogance in a person. Every person who earns his/her livelihood is supposed to donate a small percentage from their earnings as charity. Charity could be for the education of children hailing from impoverished background; Charity to old age homes; Charity for persons afflicted with severe health hazards like cancer, AIDS etc.

Above all, the most significant and divine amongst charity is the Gyana Dana i.e donation of knowledge. Again, I would repeat not charity of information but charity of knowledge. While conscientiously practicing charity, a person would consider himself obligated to donate a small share from his earnings for a certain social cause.

Charity of knowledge is the supreme. Knowledge has a vast domain. It can be knowledge of asceticism; the knowledge of transcendence; the knowledge of self realization; the knowledge relevant to spiritual bonding with the Almighty; the spiritually scientific knowledge of Karma (Action). A person indulging in charity of the spiritually sacred knowledge would be doing a divine service because the charity of knowledge can make a momentous impact and transform lives. The donation of knowledge can help a person come out of the dark house of ignorance and proceed towards enlightenment carrying divine knowledge. Such a donation would be sacrosanct and pure (Satvik) in nature.