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Sri Joydip

Yoga educates you about your body , how it senses , how it rest , how it behaves, and how it becomes disordered, and finally how you can bring it in order.
That's why 'asana' is defined by Maharishi Patanjali having two important qualities 'sthira' which is stillness and 'sukha' which is happiness in the verse 'Sthira' , 'Sukha' 'Asana' in Yogasutras.

Ideally, if you can bring that both 'sthira' and 'sukha' , in every pose you do, in every moment , then every act, becomes an Asana .And that is Nitya Yoga.
Nitya Yoga brings the power of education , of your inner being , into your life.
The education of your inner being has three components

1. Curiosity - This is where Yoga is different from religion . Religion ask you to be rigid about your belief, and about your faith and about your rituals. Which somewhere ,can also make you close and not open to new understanding and ideas , which could build harmony and peace between communities ,and between people.

Yoga ask you to open up , and be curious ,about your own being , about how your body senses, how your heart emotes, and how your breadth functions,and how your mind thinks.

That's why Lord Krishna ask to Arjuna in Bhagvad Gita, which is written by Sage Vyasa ( whose birthday, we are celebrating today as Guru Poornima) to become an Yogi , as it is more meritious, then any other thing in the world.

2. Constructive -

Yoga is an continuous process of inner construction. It continuously helps you to construct new ideas, new thoughts , new feelings and new sensation, after you can annihilate all those sensation which are painful, all those feelings which destroys you and all those thoughts which dearranges you.

3.Compassion -

Education of Yoga is slow and gentle process , building understanding of every layer of being which is why yoga brings so much Compassion .

The Guru unleashes the power of education of Yoga, where you see you inner being ,more transparently, as if you see the reflection of a beautiful scenary, in a crystal clear glass. It's still a glass , and not the real scenary , but it seems like , it's the real scenary.

Though, it's still the image of Self, which you see, but it's the closest place you can get with a Guru,i n learning Yoga, towards the ultimate, as in the ultimate there is no Guru , and there is no disciple, and all becomes one.

That's why in the inner world of Yoga, Guru is the super power, as it brings the power of education of yoga
to the hands of his disciple.

Gratitude to all the Gurus, starting from Sri Dakshinamoorty, the Adi Guru of Yoga, and all Gurus who taught Yoga, in the last ten thousand years to alleviate human suffering.

Thank you all for being there in the times of suffering,times of happiness, times of joy , times of distress, and finally in the time of timelessness.