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Rishi Ranjan

The process of meditation


6Ways to Make Meditation a Daily Habit :------

1. Keep It Short and Sweet - It’s a common misconception that you have to meditate for some great length of time, such as 20 or 30 minutes. The truth is, even 5 minutes of meditation is highly effective and all you need to begin establishing meditation as a consistent practice.

2. Set a Regular Meditation Time - This is a simple and, for the most part, easy point (the setting of it is easy, sticking to it often isn’t), but I’ve found that it’s something most people don’t consider when attempting to make meditation a daily habit.

3. Meditate for (at least) 11 Days Straight- We all know (or at least believe) it’s best to do something consistently for a long stretch of time, because then you’re more likely to make it a habit or a more “automatic” behavior.It found that meditators who practiced for just 11 days were over 90% more likely to continue in their practice from the 12th day and on.

4. Do What You Can- The reality is, if you want to stick to a consistent meditation practice, you need to be flexible. Someday, things will come up and block you from either meditating during your regular scheduled session, or, from meditating as long as you usually do.When this happens, just adapt and roll with it. If you’re short on time meditate for 5-10 minutes instead of your usual 20 minute session.

5. Remember Why You Practice- When it comes down to it, motivation is mostly just a measure of how aware we are of our reasons for taking a particular action. Make no mistake, motivation is a critical part of sticking to a daily meditation practice. By identifying clearly what drew you to meditation as well as what meditation practice has done for you, you’ll be far more motivated to continue sitting in meditation

6. Don't Forget ,Have Fun - This might seem like a simple or rather obvious tip, however, it seems like a lot of people eventually forget that you should enjoy your practice.This is an important part of the Buddha's advice for walking the path of awakening (whatever you personally consider that to be). That is, walking the journey in an easeful and joy-filled way.