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Ravi Chandran

Tools for Immaculate Karma

Lord Krishna declares in Bhagavad Gita that in this world, there is nothing incomparable and pure as divine knowledge. A person obtains the nectar of such knowledge after years of persistent and conscientious deliverance of righteous deeds (Parmarth Karma).

Once a person reaches the state of divine trance and devotes himself into welfare service for the human kind then he/she develops the cognition that service to the human race is the ultimate devotional service towards GOD. The person would then stay with the supreme neosis that GOD is present along with the soul inside every human being and is a witness to their thoughts and the subsequent Karmas (deeds).

Having acquired the power of knowledge and engrossed in devotional service, a person would always remain in a state of contentment and bliss. He would discharge his Karma in marriage with the knowledge and would always be discreet as far as his actions are concerned. Lord Krishna has mentioned about the demeanour of a Karma Yogi. A Karma Yogi would perform the actions (Karma) using the treasure of his acquired knowledge. There are certain tools for effective Karma Yoga (Knowledgable actions).

The first tool is devotion (Shraddha). Without devotion towards the teacher, a person will not be able to acquire knowledge. The relationship between devotion and knowledge is of mutual responsiveness. To state a simile, the more amount of sugar put in a cup of tea, the more it would taste sweet.

In the same way, obtainment of knowledge is depended upon the degree of devotion towards the source from who the knowledge is being acquired. If a person’s mode of devotion is on the ascendency then the level of knowledge that he would acquire would also be increasing at the same level as of devotion.
There is one more aspect or shall I say tool that precedes devotion (Shraddha).

Devotion towards a subject would depend upon the factor of surrender. Devotion does not emerge automatically. If I aspire to seek expertise in a particular field then I would observe the expert imparting the knowledge.

Wanting to possess the knowledge, my observation would get translated into the mode of surrender towards the source of knowledge. The nature of surrender determines the level of devotion. Any result oriented assignment or programme would be resultant of a person’s righteous stance of devotion but exhibiting devotion before the GURU (Teacher) requires complete surrender onto him. Hence, these threesome factors followed by surrender pave the way for deliverance of an effectual action (Karma).