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Ravi Chandran

Unwise Karma

Arjuna was completely drowned in the plight of self created notions when he saw his loved ones on the other side. Arjuna with tears of entreaty asked Krishna that if HE reckons that one should follow his intellect then why is HE advising him to get involved in a macabre war?

Arjuna’s situation of mental disintegration was nothing new. A person gets entangled in the labyrinth of his own illogical thoughts which according to him are justifiably rational. It is in this state of deadlock in which a person fails to choose the correct path of Dharma and becomes gullible.

In such a state, one takes refuge in vicious activities with a delusion that he is on the righteous path or approaches deceitful persons with an impression that the other individual would be able to liberate him from all miseries. It is in this brittle emotional state that a person develops suicidal tendencies or plans something grisly to get out of the predicament.

Examples are galore. An individual without assessing his/her credentials, dreams to lead a life of opulence taking humungous loans from different zones. The person in the long run becomes incapacitated to return the payment and writhes in agony. As the pressure escalates to be irrepressible, the person, as a last resort plans to eliminate the entire family and commit suicide. Such incidents are enormous in our society. The eventual stage of depression and suicidal tendencies are caused due to unintelligible Karma that one performs under dilemma or delusion.