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Ravi Chandran

Ways To reach The Ultimate Truth

Science of Well-Being

In Bhagvad Geeta ,Lord Krishna had imparted various sacred ways of worship to facilitate attainment of the spiritual abode and blessings. HE tells Arjuna and I reiterate that Arjuna was just the medium and GOD had delivered the ultimate divine message to the human kind. Lord Krishna counsels that even if a person is unable to fix the mind and intellect upon HIM, he/she should not get dejected and should try to religiously follow the customs and rituals of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Worship. By conscientiously conforming to the principles of devotional service, one would develop a desire to achieve the coveted propinquity with Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna portraying his benevolence told Arjuna that if a person is unable to scrupulously follow the principles of Bhakti Yoga then he/she should dedicate all energies and work to HIM. Being in such a practice, the person would gradually become detached to all materialistic gains and would reach a perfect stage of bonding with Lord Krishna as he/she would be devoting services to none other than Lord Krishna. He/she would be in knowledge that the whole universe is created by Lord Krishna and is immersed in HIM.

Lord Krishna extending his magnanimous disposition tells Arjuna that if one is unable to dedicate the deeds onto HIM that he/she should try to renounce the fruits of deeds and be in a state of self contentment. By renouncing all fruits of one’s actions, a person would be able to attain peace because when the deeds are performed without the baggage of expectations then the quotient of devotion in Almighty increases. Such a state would only culminate in acquiring bliss that is endowed by the Almighty.