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Aakanksha Jha

Buddhism: Diamond Sutra and World Peace

Jan 23

Eastern Religious Texts

04:27 AM, Sun, January 23, 2022 — 04:27 AM, Sun, January 23, 2022


Heaven. Hell. Pure Land. Saṃsāra. How did different religions interpret the afterlife situation? What are their requisite standards of behaviours during life? What is a religion? How do we define religion?
‘Truth’ is widely known as the common goal for different religions, yet they compete for being the real and only truth in this world. Conflicts and hatred arise between religions. Blood has been spilled and wars broke out in the end. History has repeated itself. Revenge seems to be endless. Peace doesn’t seem possible in the future. How can human conflicts be resolved? How can religious disputes be reduced? The answers to these questions can be found in The Diamond Sutra, the Buddhist scripture. Join this course to explore the path of religions and world peace.
Affiliate: The University of Hong Kong
Instructor: Cheung Siu Nang Bruce
Duration: 3 hours / week