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Three Short Upanishads

Apr 24

Indian and Hindu Texts

05:30 PM, Tue, April 24, 2018 — 11:51 AM, Mon, June 17, 2024


This course is a detailed study of three of the shortest of the major Upanishads: the Kena, the Ishavasya and the Mandukya. Despite the brevity of these works, they are fundamental to the doctrines taught by Hindu Dharma. In many ways they can be regarded as foundational works for Hindu religious teachings. Because these Upanishads are so short we can undertake a verse-by-verse study, with reference to the commentary of Shankaracharya and others. As we proceed we will reflect on the significance of the teachings in relation to the contemporary practice of various forms of Hindu spirituality.
Affiliation: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
Instructor: Dr. Nick Sutton
Level: Introductory