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Abby Wynne

Motivation Procrastination and Will Power Healing Session

One Time
Aug 22

Fundamentals of Inspiration and MotivationLife Philosophy Happiness and PositivityChange and ChallengesVision, Purpose and PassionAttitude and PersonalityAffirmations and IntentionsEffective ThinkingWords of WisdomSelf Empowerment Divine Inspiration

08:30 AM, Wed, August 22, 2018 — 09:30 AM, Wed, August 22, 2018


[email protected]

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” Henry Ford
Join me for an online group healing session where we will look at Will Power – The power of your will. Let’s explore what motivates us, what stops us from moving forward, and how we can power up our will, so that we can put things in motion in our lives. I do believe that procrastination exists for a reason – that we are not necessarily lazy, and that there are ways to work to increase our personal power, our will, so we can overcome the obstacles in our way and make things happen.
As usual, there will be a group clearing and healing for all. All for just €10! This session takes place Wednesday June 20th 2018, at 3pm Irish time, and there will be a recording if you cannot make the live session.
You will get the replay to listen to as often as you wish, and the healing becomes amplified when you do this. I encourage you to replay this often, so that you learn how to shed the energy blocks and the limiting beliefs that you have created and the ones that have been created by your life experiences, so you can be the best and highest vibration of energy that you can possibly be.
Hope to see you in session!