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Choe Khor Sum Ling

The Perfection of Wisdom - a Talk

One Time
Sep 30

Fundamental Philosophies and TheoriesMetaphysics

05:30 AM, Sun, September 30, 2018 — 05:30 AM, Sun, September 30, 2018

Choe Khor Sum Ling Centre

[email protected]

Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 - 10:00 am to 01:00 pm: "Basic Program- Heart Sutra" by Venerable Tenzin Legtsok

The Tathagata turned the wheel of Dharma for 2nd time on Mass of Vultures peak in Rajagriha. The Tathagata, the teacher, Shakya Muni Buddha, set forth the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras the year after he achieved Buddhahood. The Perfection of Wisdom Sutras are renowned in Tibet by names such as the seventeen mothers and sons. The most important ones are the vast, intermediate and the brief. All the meanings of the vast, intermediate, and condensed mother sutras are gathered here in “Heart Sutra.” Therefore, it is called the Sutra of Sutras or the Heart of Sutras.

With this session we will conclude The Heart Sutra module of BP. There will be Q& A section with Venerable.

The session will be conducted by Venerable Tenzin Legtsok. Born and raised in Virginia, Venerable Tenzin Legtsok entered Sera Je Monastic University in Bylakuppe (Karnataka State) in the year 2004. Venerable Legtsok is a senior Teacher at CKSL, and is currently pursuing his Geshe degree.