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Rakesh Thampy

Abhidharmasamuccaya -The Compendium of the Higher Teaching (Philosophy) by Walpola Rahula


Fundamental Philosophies and Theories

Publisher : Jain Pub Co (1 January 2015)
ISBN : 978-0875730202
Paperback : 358 pages
About : There are two systems of Abhidharma, according to Tibetan tradition, lower and higher. The lower system is taught in the Abhidharmakosa, while the higher system is taught in the Abhidharmasamuccaya. Thus the two books form a complementary pair. Asanga, author of the Abhidharmasamuccaya, is founder of the Yogacara school of Mahayana Buddhism. His younger brother Vasubandhu wrote the Abhidharmakosa before Asanga converted him to Mahayana Buddhism…