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Rakesh Thampy

Gheranda Samhita - Treatise on Ghatastha Yoga (Body Based Yoga) by Swami Vishnuswaroop


Indian and Hindu Texts

Publisher : Independently published (July 4, 2017)
ISBN : 978-1521757475
Paperback : 87 pages
About : Gheraṇḍa Samhitā is a classical yogic text. Its author is Sage Gheraṇḍa. The form of yoga he taught in Gheraṇḍa Samhitā is called Ghaṭastha Yoga. Initially, it deals with the body, prāna and the mind through various yogic practices step by step and finally, leads to ātmajñāna (knowledge of the Self). It is said that Gheraṇḍa Samhitā was composed in the Seventeenth Century. But not so much is known about Sage Gheraṇḍa regarding his place of birth. His system of yoga is called ‘Saptāṅga Yoga’ i.e. the yoga of seven limbs or parts. We know ‘Aṣṭāṅga Yoga’ (i.e. the eight limbs of yoga) by Sage Patañjali and ‘Ṣaḍāṅga Yoga’ (i.e. the six limbs of yoga) by Guru Gorakhanāth. All these systems of yoga with their specific limbs/parts are equally respected and followed in the yogic tradition...