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fabio Milioni

Healthy Lifestyle always and everywhere: A Wellness Vademecum Paperback – January 17, 2022


Diet, Detox and Fasting Nutritional InsightTraditions, Beliefs and PracticesNatural RemediesConscious EatingFood TherapiesPhilosophy and EpistemologySpiritual Nourishment

A vademecum about global wellness and life experience of a family: experts in psychology, lifestyle and nutrition consultant, yoga and reiki teachers, raw and vegan chefs, authors on wellness and yoga books, writers on Academia.edu, creators and active authors of https://loyogadellatradizione.com
Our aim is to share information from study, research, experimentations.
Ideas for reflecting and deepening on how maintain a healthy lifestyle always and everywhere: our experiences, nutrition and quality of life, space and time organization, tips for personal hygiene, natural remedies and yoga practice at home and at work, free time, our mother rules, and many recipes or “ideas” -overall vegetable- for your meals.
An inspiration and a starting point for creating your own healthy daily routine.
Our Anglo-American website is under construction.
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