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Fundamental Thought
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The Philosophy of the Upanishads - Authorized English Translation By Geden (Classic Reprint) by Paul Deussen


Fundamental Philosophies and Theories

Publisher: Forgotten Books (June 29, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1440050275
Paperback: 468 pages
About: Upanishads needs no formal introduction or commendation to students of Indian thought who are familiar with the German language. To others I would fain hope that the translation here presented, which appears with the author's sanction, may serve to make known a work of very marked ability and of surpassing interest. As far as my knowledge extends, there is no adequate exposition of the Upanishads available in English. The best was published by Messrs. Triibner more than a quarter of a century ago and is in many respects out of date...